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swinging at the EcoBoulevard

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Holcim Awards competition

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+competitions+ecosistema urbano

Madrid/Spain – September 26, 2008 – Winners of the second European Holcim Awards competition for projects and visions in sustainable construction were announced at a ceremony in Madrid. Total prize money of USD 270,000 was presented to ten projects that demonstrate the latest in eco-friendly and sustainable approaches from the building and construction industry. continue reading

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Urban Mobility Master Plan – Lyon, France

Category: ⚐ EN+mobility+sustainability+the environment

Improving mobility for citizens
Citizens of Lyon will in future have better mobility, shorter tranportation time and be less dependent on private transportation. Lyon is the first French city to engage in a master plan for transport development. continue reading

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Energy Ball [Wind turbine]

Category: ⚐ EN+design+findings+research+sustainability+technologies

The Energy Ball designed and built by Home Energy, breaks from most wind turbine design by using a spherical structure. They say that by using such a design, significantly higher aerodynamic efficiency can be achieved (40% better efficiency), as compared to traditional designs…

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Museu efémero

Category: ⚐ ES+arte

El Movimiento Acorda Lisboa (MAL, Movimiento Despierta Lisboa), junto con la fundación Pampero, han puesto en marcha este proyecto que convierte las calles del Barrio Alto de Lisboa en un museo al aire libre. continue reading

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Abri n. 177 by OzCollective

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+art+events

Enormous and reasoned assembling of umbrellas, wood, cables and nets. Composite structure supporting the machine, the installation, the shelter. Compartment that can be reconfigured and can host a user/person. Without any fixation, structurally autonomous, therefore able to move in the space of the yard according to the visitors’/users’ (inside or outside the compartment) desires and interactions. From the inside, the user can make the composition of the surface vary, defining its degree of opacity and privacy. continue reading

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Symbiocity – sustainability by sweden

Category: ⚐ EN+sustainability

SymbioCity promotes holistic and sustainable urban development – finding potential synergies in urban functions and unlocking their efficiency and profitability. continue reading

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Miroslav Sasek – This is New York

Category: ⚐ ES+city+educación

Os recomiendo este libro de M. Sasek. “This is New York” es un libro de 1960 que presenta la ciudad de Nueva York a los niños. Pertenece a una serie de libros sobre ciudades: “This is…” continue reading

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The Projects Gallery at the Tuscan Landscape Biennial

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The First edition of the Tuscan Landscape Biennial will take place from the 12th to the 15th of November 2008 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. It is organised by the Regione Toscana with Anci Toscana in collaboration with Recep, Inu, Uniscape and Civilscape with the participation of some Italian Regions and
representatives of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia. continue reading

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Work in progress 26-09-08

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Here we show captures of some graphics we have been working on for the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. It is part of the design we did for a new staircase that is now almost finished. continue reading