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$2 Wind Energy for the third-world

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Shawn Frayne, a young inventor based in Mountain View, California, is the creator of Windbelt, a new device for wind-energy production based on an aerodynamic phenomenon known as aeroelastic flutter.

This phenomenon is a well-known destructive force and it caused, for example, the Washington’s Tacoma Narrows Bridge to collapse in 1940 (video). Researchers at Humdinger (this is the name of the company pushing forward the Windbelt technology) have discovered that it can also be a useful and powerful mechanism for ‘catching the wind’ at a variety of scales and costs beyond the reach of traditional turbines.

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[case study] wind power integrated into buildings

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one of the few built examples of wind power integrated into buidings is Near North Apartments in Chicago, where eight HAWT’s [HAWT Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine] on the structure´s roof produce about 10% of the building´s total energy needs…

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Energy Ball [Wind turbine]

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The Energy Ball designed and built by Home Energy, breaks from most wind turbine design by using a spherical structure. They say that by using such a design, significantly higher aerodynamic efficiency can be achieved (40% better efficiency), as compared to traditional designs…

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Air Rotor System – Magenn Power

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