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UCJC | Encarnación y el Máster en Arquitectura y Energía 2015

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⚐ ES – Como ya comentamos anteriormente, desde el pasado mes de Octubre nos hemos incorporado como docentes en el Máster en Arquitectura y Energía (MAE) en la Escuela de Arquitectura y Tecnología UCJC.  

El MAE, en su VI edición, profundiza en la nueva suma de conocimientos para la gestión de los recursos, la reducción de la demanda energética y el aprovechamiento de las fuentes renovables en el actual contexto global de crecimiento asimétrico y agotamiento de los recursos, que supone un 40% de la energía consumida en el mundo.

En este contexto, se ha optado por trabajar en una ciudad con una vocación por diminuir su gasto energético como es la ciudad de Encarnación, Paraguay, a través de su Plan de Desarrollo Sustentable en el que llevamos trabajando varios meses. Todos los departamentos del Máster y sus diferentes asignaturas trabajarán en esta ciudad investigando soluciones bioclimáticas para viviendas sostenibles, sistemas constructivos pasivos, un urbanismo en red o fuentes de energía alternativa, con las que encontrar soluciones extrapolables a otras partes del mundo.


⚐ EN – Last October we joined as faculty at the Master in Architecture and Energy (MAE) at the School of Architecture and Technology UCJC.  

In the current global context of uneven growth and the depletion of resources, the construction sector accounts for 40 per cent of the energy consumed worldwide. Any work carried out on the land, be it urban, architectural, infrastructural or landscaping, should include strategies for resource management, the reduction of energy demand and the use of renewable sources. The sixth edition of MAE looks in depth at this new body of urgent and essential knowledge, identifying the tools needed to create a development model that is compatible with environmental balance.

We have chosen to work in an emblematic city in terms of energy consumption and new sustainable policies: Encarnación, Paraguay. For the last few months we have been working on the Urban and Territorial Planning and Sustainability Plan for the city, making of Encarnacion a pioneer case study in sustainable urban development.

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Energy Carousel | eu:KIDS

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Como inauguración de la sección eu:KIDS queremos enseñaros un elemento de elaboración propia. ¡El carrusel de la energía ya es real!


El proyecto surgió gracias a la invitación del Centro de Artes Visuales de Dordrecht (CBK) y la oficina holandesa para que diez equipos participasen en el diseño de la nueva plaza Governeursplein de la ciudad de Dordrecht. sigue leyendo

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La Comisión Europea elige Plaza Ecópolis para el Sustainable Energy Europe

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La Comisión Europea ha incluido a la Plaza Ecópolis proyectada por Ecosistema Urbano como uno de los proyectos de la campaña “Sustainable Energy Europe”, destinada a promover políticas de energía sostenible basadas en energías renovables y ahorro y eficiencia energética.

El proyecto consta de más de 250 iniciativas en toda Europa, de los cuales 78 son españolas. Sólo Italia está por delante de España, con 95 iniciativas admitidas.

El proyecto Rivas Ecópolis ha sido calificado por la campaña como un “espacio de inspiración” sobre  “cómo construir la cultura de la sostenibilidad”, y lo describen como un lugar en el que experimentar de primera mano las posibilidades del diseño sostenible y una muestra en vivo sobre arquitectura bioclimática, energías renivables y eficiencia energética.

More info:

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Here Comes the Sun

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Silicon Valley has changed the world once. Now, thanks to a wave of investment and innovation in solar power, it’s on to the next revolution: A massive disruption of the U.S. electricity market.

(Business 2.0 Magazine) — There’s a missile-bunker vibe you get when walking into Solaicx, a Silicon Valley startup that manufactures the silicon wafers that are the building blocks of solar panels. continue reading

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$2 Wind Energy for the third-world

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Shawn Frayne, a young inventor based in Mountain View, California, is the creator of Windbelt, a new device for wind-energy production based on an aerodynamic phenomenon known as aeroelastic flutter.

This phenomenon is a well-known destructive force and it caused, for example, the Washington’s Tacoma Narrows Bridge to collapse in 1940 (video). Researchers at Humdinger (this is the name of the company pushing forward the Windbelt technology) have discovered that it can also be a useful and powerful mechanism for ‘catching the wind’ at a variety of scales and costs beyond the reach of traditional turbines.

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Google Sketchup – Free Energy Modeling

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Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) recently revealed a free plug-in for Google SketchUp that will allow anyone to perform energy modeling on projects. continue reading

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Solarspot, The tubular skylight

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As we know, the natural sunlight is an indispensable source of life for the living organisms; for the man,
however, it plays various roles with remarkable psychological effects not exclusively bound to the quality of the vision of individuals, but for their well-being as well: the feeling of a well aired place, the perception of the true natural colours, the regulation of the biological cycles. The abstention from its benefits for long periods is the principal cause of some depressing pathologies. continue reading

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Passive House: Comfort through Efficiency

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The Passive House ( is the world’s leading standard in energy efficient construction: Energy saved on heating is 80% compared to conventional standards of new buildings. The energy requirement for heating is lower than 10 to 20 kWh/(m²a) (depending on climate), adding up to a low cost of 10 to 25 € per month. Therefore high energy prices are no longer a threat to Passive House occupants. continue reading

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Green State of Mind. When all is said and done, more is said than done

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In this week’s post I would like to continue my reflections on sustainability by asking where we actually stand ourselves in the face of climate change? How are we prepared to accept neccesary restrictions and unavoidable change?

Well, the majority of people still do very little. Yet this should not make them feel guilty because a real change in climate change is not about guilt and expiation. On the contrary, mistakes and errors are natural milestones in the search for new solutions, they show us what we have overlooked and what we could do better and more intelligently. continue reading

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play on plaid: music made out of solar energy

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Think to a Plaid in the middle of a field, a sunny day and some musical Nerds with their laptops that generate sweet electronic melodies: not a sound from a generator, no stinky fuel but only the sound of the music and the smell of just cut grass.

Play on Plaid is also the occasion to record tracks produced with solar energy and make out of them records with out being totally slaves of oil.

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