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Hello Wood festival call for participation | Hungary, 15-21 July 2013

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Hello Wood is a multicultural and multidisciplinary art program. Their most well-known event is the one week creator camp held every summer, where recognized experts and artists share their knowledge with talented students.

All work produced is carrying two attributes: it’s mostly from wood and it’s characterized by an interplay of art and social commitment. Hello Wood integrates various fields of art, design and science; it creates community and encourages talent. It brings together students and professionals across borders, moreover connects everyday people with the designer community.

We are researching how could the bond amongst nature, our artificial environment and humans become tighter. With the tools of design and architecture we are looking for an answer to the question: How could we get at least a step closer?

Hello Wood will focus on designing and creating 8 wooden installations. Considering past experiences (everybody prefers to build) in 2013 they will not separate the workshops by profession.
Besides architects, experts from different fields of art are invited as well to apply. You can be an architect, painter, sculptor, landscape architect, graphic designer, musician, ninja etc. The application procedure offers an equal opportunity for everyone.

hellowood flyer

Here you can see some samples of previous projects: The snail, Tornado, The Egg (featured above), Landscape Box… You can see more examples at the oficcial website.

We leave you with a video of last year’s edition. It looks FUN!

More information:

Official website:
Photo gallery: Momeline on Flickr
Video gallery: Momeline on Vimeo
Social networks: HelloWood on Facebook

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La Comisión Europea elige Plaza Ecópolis para el Sustainable Energy Europe

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La Comisión Europea ha incluido a la Plaza Ecópolis proyectada por Ecosistema Urbano como uno de los proyectos de la campaña “Sustainable Energy Europe”, destinada a promover políticas de energía sostenible basadas en energías renovables y ahorro y eficiencia energética.

El proyecto consta de más de 250 iniciativas en toda Europa, de los cuales 78 son españolas. Sólo Italia está por delante de España, con 95 iniciativas admitidas.

El proyecto Rivas Ecópolis ha sido calificado por la campaña como un “espacio de inspiración” sobre  “cómo construir la cultura de la sostenibilidad”, y lo describen como un lugar en el que experimentar de primera mano las posibilidades del diseño sostenible y una muestra en vivo sobre arquitectura bioclimática, energías renivables y eficiencia energética.

More info:

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PODCASTS: Ecological Urbanism Conference Harvard GSD

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ECOLOGICAL URBANISM: Alternative and Sustainable Cities of the Future
Conference at Harvard University Graduate School of Design
April 3 – 5, 2009

The conference, which ran from April 3-5, 2009, brought together design practitioners, students and theorists, economists, engineers, environmental scientists, politicians and public health specialists, with the goal of reaching a more robust understanding of ecological urbanism and what it might be in the future. continue reading

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Cyclistfriendly Copenhagen

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The 1st of October – it happened! What many citizens of Copenhagen have been looking forward to. The day when they shut down one of the most busy streets for cars, Norrebrogade, Copenhagen N. The street is one of the main thoroughfares of the capital – and it will be permanently closed for three months. continue reading

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Urban Mobility Master Plan – Lyon, France

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Improving mobility for citizens
Citizens of Lyon will in future have better mobility, shorter tranportation time and be less dependent on private transportation. Lyon is the first French city to engage in a master plan for transport development. continue reading

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Creative recycling

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I was reading this great article about creative recycled art, architecture and design in What if we think further and recycle all the buildingmaterials, and use it for new buildings or urban spaces? continue reading