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Solarspot, The tubular skylight

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As we know, the natural sunlight is an indispensable source of life for the living organisms; for the man,
however, it plays various roles with remarkable psychological effects not exclusively bound to the quality of the vision of individuals, but for their well-being as well: the feeling of a well aired place, the perception of the true natural colours, the regulation of the biological cycles. The abstention from its benefits for long periods is the principal cause of some depressing pathologies.
The diurnal abuse of electrical lighting increase a lot air pollution and is a primary reason for electric network crisis due at unbalanced demand of energy what a dramatic non-sense in summer hot time, just
when is available more natural sunlight to employ electricity also for cooling overheated space by heat
dissipated by electric lamps!
As sunlight direct and diffuse is an irreplaceable source, the possibility of conveying it into windowless areas plays today a role of utmost importance to improve our life conditions.
SOLARSPOT® is a special skylight; its dome very transparent, normally supported by flashing placed on the roof of the building, is equipped with an optical device, RIR® , that redirect light inside a super reflective tubular duct that guide it to the emitting surface (diffuser) placed, tightly, at opposed side.
This is possible when it rains or it is cloudy, both in winter and in summer, from sunrise to sunset and also
in clear days when the sun shines. It is sufficient to set the capturing device so that it can see the whole sky (zenithal position) and therefore be reached from the light reflected from the sky and coming from the sun; the super-reflective tubular duct carries the light to many meters distance. It does not make miracles but more light it sees, more light it gives.
Its RIR® device has the simple magic effects of the prismatic lenses; it is preset to intercept and redirect like
a funnel, all beams of light coming from the whole vault, into the duct, into the reflective and conveying pipe, catching even the lowest rays on the horizon.
All the light energy coming from the sky and the sun reaches the diffuser except the very small lost fraction
absorbed by the dome the diffuser and that lost in the pipe, not reflected at each stroke (0,5%).
No other system in the world with light intercepting device can also recover the precious part of indirect light coming from North.

No other system has such a high transparent and effective dome. SOLARSPOT® lets in much more light than any other tubular skylight device. In such a high technological system every component must perform at its best. For the duct SOLARSPOT® employs the new material Vegalux built by Solar Project: it is the most reflective mirror the invisible spectral range, without UV effects and infrared heating contribution, ever realized in the world. Vegalux is the synthesis between the unique features of the reflective multi- layer Daylighting film DF2000MA -3M and the 50 year experience on aluminum technology of our researcher.
With Italian taste and style it enlightens the world better and more naturally respecting the environment;
a unique way for lighting without heating.

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i’m Mirna from Marso for rubber company, we need to know the price of solar lighting tube for our company,
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