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Symbiocity – sustainability by sweden

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SymbioCity promotes holistic and sustainable urban development – finding potential synergies in urban functions and unlocking their efficiency and profitability.
Symbiosis means the integration of two or more organisms in a mutually beneficial union. In Sweden, where for fifty years we’ve focused on holistic city planning, symbiosis means finding synergies between urban technology systems that save natural resources and cost less.

SymbioCity is the trademark that reflects all knowledge and experience in regard to the Swedish approach to sustainability. Several hundred Swedish consultants, contractors and system suppliers are organised in various networks, dedicated to spreading the vision of sustainable urbanism and making the distance to implementation as short as possible.

… put into practice a holistic approach for sustainable urban development primarily based on experiences and best-practice. All aspects of sustainability should be considered.

…use an integrated approach where different fields of action will be coordinated and combined in an optimal way.

…offer a concept which may be adapted to different development levels of cities and towns as well as different planning situations.

Succes Story – Large scale: Hammarby

The “Hammarby model” has set a new standard for future housing development. It has been presented worldwide – in China, Canada and South Africa – as a model for other cities.
In the 90’s, plans were made to build Hammarby Sjöstad in a former brownfield area of wharves and docks. The first construction phases were finalised in 2000. There will be 11,000 apartments, 25,000 inhabitants and 10,000 workplaces by 2015. The district is now famous for its integrated planning approach, where every aspect has been developed with the whole in mind.
Investments include:
Automatic underground waste collection systems
District heating and cooling fuelled partly by local waste collection and by heat exchangers in water treatment
Solar-powered hot water and electricity
Biogas from household sewage water and waste
Collection and filtration of runoff water
Super-efficient buildings, triple-glass windows, green roofs, etc.
The results are truly fantastic.
A general assessment indicates a doubling of the total environmental performance.

40% less environmental stress
50% less eutrophication
45% less ground-level ozone
40% less water consumption


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