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Un nuevo frente marítimo para Palma de Mallorca

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En 2018, la ciudad de Palma de Mallorca se propuso reformar su paseo marítimo frente a la zona portuaria, y convocó un concurso abierto para ello. Hoy os contamos algunos detalles sobre nuestra propuesta, que quedó finalista.

El reto consiste, principalmente, convertir lo que ahora es una barrera, un borde, en un nuevo espacio urbano que conecte la ciudad con el puerto. Nosotros proponemos una transición en la forma de entender ese espacio público, desde concebirlo como un “paseo” lineal a verlo como un “frente” marítimo más amplio, un lugar donde la ciudad pueda expandir sus usos actuales y descubrir otros nuevos.

La propuesta es crear un espacio con nuevas cualidades, un eje cívico donde la ciudad pueda ver reflejada su identidad, aportando representatividad y, sobre todo, añadiendo a ese espacio valor de uso para ciudadanos y visitantes. No se trata, por tanto, solamente de un proyecto de pacificación del tráfico y renaturalización, sino de caracterización y activación.

El enfoque general del proyecto se puede desglosar en una serie de criterios o líneas de actuación. Estas líneas se han agrupado en cuatro “frentes” (integrado, ambiental, activo y conectado) entendidos como capas del frente costero que sintetizan las prioridades de la propuesta e ilustran la visión de la ciudad que la sustenta.

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IAAC Special Scholarships to Spanish and Portuguese Architects

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Since its creation 10 years ago, the with alumni from over 30 different countries, has become the most international post-graduate architecture program offered in Barcelona. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, and reinforce the presence of the Institute in the Iberian Peninsula, IAAC has initiated a special Scholarship Program in order to foster a wider reach of our educational programs in the local architectural community.

Beginning the following academic year, 2011-12, IAAC will offer special scholarships for Spanish and Portuguese Architects, covering 50% of tuition fees. Enclosed you will find a poster for the scholarship program. The IAAC professional Masters in Advanced Architecture and Urbanism program is accredited by the UPC School of Professional & Executive Development and can be completed over one or two years.

IAAC is dedicated to the next generation of architectural development with students and researchers from around the world. This year the MAA program includes 60 students from 25 different countries. The official language of the Institute is English. continue reading

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ARCHITECTS MEET IN SELINUNTE | Prospettive per il prossimo futuro

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L’Associazione Italiana di Architettura e Critica (AIAC) con il supporto operativo di presS/Tfactory organizza dal 10 al 14 marzo 2011 il secondo convegno internazionale di architettura dal titolo Architects meet in Selinunte: prospettive per il prossimo futuro.

Tre i sottotemi:
– nuova semplicità, ecologia e postdigitale
– (dis)identità
– coinvolgimento sociale e back to politics.

Ecosistema Urbano parteciperá nella sezione CRITICS.

Un flusso ininterrotto di informazioni.
La corrente principale del flusso è la presentazione dei TALENTS, gruppi under 35 provenienti da tutto il mondo: Altroom (Ukraine), BiCuadro (Italy), Blaf Architecten (Belgium), Boundary Unlimited (Taiwan-Netherlands), Antonino Cardillo (Italy), Demo Architects (Netherlands-Italy), Design Ether (India), Frida Escobedo (Mexico), Gilad-Shiff Architecture (Israel), Ia-Architectures (Francia), Jojko+Nawrocki Architects (Poland), Francesco Librizzi (Italy), Moya Trovato Arquitectos (Spain), Annette Pui Man Chu (Hong Kong), Beatriz Ramo – STAR (Netherlands-Spain), Roman Rutowsky (Poland), Urbantainer (South Korea), Tom van Malderen Architecture Project (Malta), Vicini TBR (Dominican Republic), Zero Architects (Italy). continue reading

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Henan Haoshun Investment Management CO., LTD.

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Henan Haoshun Investment Management CO., LTD.

Due to the project ecosistema urbano has developed and built for Expo Shanghai 2010, we have made several trips to Shanghai and other Chinese cities exploring new possibilities of work and companies.

China is clearly a powerful economic engine and offers many opportunities for architects and engineers. Through these trips we have had some interesting contacts with various Chinese companies and institutions. However, there are also Chinese companies that want to take advantage of this situation, and are operating illegally offering potential projects to European architects who are willing to work and are enthusiastic about the idea of realizing projects in China.

In particular we want to warn you about a company located in the city of Zhengzhou, the Henan Haoshun Investment Management CO., LTD. We have met them twice last summer. The company offers the architects the possibility of signing a contract for the realization of a hypothetical project. We know several offices from different cities in Europe have been contacted to sign the same contract on the same project. This is a scam attempt.
These are the names of the staff responsible of the company: Jingan Wang (General Manager), Gao Ming (Vice General Manager), Jin Hongxiang (Vice General Manager) and Bin Xu (Vice General Manager). The contact person is called Jane.
We hope this information may come to those who believe that it is a formal and serious work offer. Please spread it among your contacts.

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ecosistema urbano in Oslo

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We’ll be lecturing at Oslo Association of Architects,
Josefinesgate 34, the 7th of may 2009 19.30 hours

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Emergency Architects Foundation

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Emergency Architects Foundation
was founded in April 2001 by Patrick Coulombel after the floods in the Somme and Oise departments in France. It is now a foundation reconnue d’utilité publique, with two other national sections in Canada and in Australia. continue reading

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Abri n. 177 by OzCollective

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Enormous and reasoned assembling of umbrellas, wood, cables and nets. Composite structure supporting the machine, the installation, the shelter. Compartment that can be reconfigured and can host a user/person. Without any fixation, structurally autonomous, therefore able to move in the space of the yard according to the visitors’/users’ (inside or outside the compartment) desires and interactions. From the inside, the user can make the composition of the surface vary, defining its degree of opacity and privacy. continue reading

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TIMELINE: Friday August 8th 2008 through Friday August 22nd 2008

INTRODUCTION: Professional and student architects, urbanists, designers, artists [and related fields], are invited to Barcelona in August 2008 to engage in a collective investigation of the city through the use of advanced digital tools and computer numerically controlled fabrication techniques. The workshop will facilitate collaboration of individuals from a broad applicant base in order to generate new forms of interventions that will be directly deployed and documented within the urban domain of Barcelona. continue reading