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The Projects Gallery at the Tuscan Landscape Biennial


The First edition of the Tuscan Landscape Biennial will take place from the 12th to the 15th of November 2008 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. It is organised by the Regione Toscana with Anci Toscana in collaboration with Recep, Inu, Uniscape and Civilscape with the participation of some Italian Regions and
representatives of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia.
The Biennial will be held over four days and will involve the International conference about the European
Landscape Convention
(signed in Florence in 2000) and numerous collateral events like seminars, workshops, round table debates and exhibitions around the subject of landscape governance.
The Biennial will have a specific exhibition area called Galleria dei progetti (Projects Gallery), an open
space and a chance for students, PhD students, architects and experts to show their own projects.

As you will see from the enclosed participation form there are three different exhibition forms:
1) 1 Panel (100x250h) and 1 box (50x50x80h) – €300 + VAT
2) 1 Panel (100x250h), 1 box (50x50x80h), a 19 Inch Lcd monitor and a DVD player €500 + VAT
3) 2 panels (100x250h) and 2 boxes (50x50x80h) €500 + VAT
Everyone will have the opportunity to publish an abstract about the presented project in a specific section of
the Tuscan Landscape Biennial website.
We send the application form attached.
For further information please contact:
Marilou Rella
Mobile +39 348 31 43 384
Biennale toscana del paesaggio a Dire&Fare 2008

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