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A recreation of our ‘Reggio school’ by Carlos Mazón | eu collaborators

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Remember the Reggio Children experimental educational center we were invited to design back in 2012? We haven’t published anything about it in a while, but we can assure you that behind the scenes the wheels are turning very fast, and the construction project is almost being finished at this very moment.

As a great excuse to break this silence —we’ll be showing more about it soon—, today we want to share with you the result of a brief collaboration with architect and architectural illustrator Carlos Mazón (@imcarlosmazon), who created this inspiring image for the project:

Recreation of the experimental educational centre in Reggio Emilia - by Carlos Mazón

Recreation of the experimental educational centre in Reggio Emilia – by Carlos Mazón

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Collection of e-papers on Collective Intelligence in ArXiv | Link + download

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If you are interested in collective intelligence, crowdsourcing, collaboration, reputation mechanisms, collective decision making and related topics, then you’re in for a treat!

Collective Intelligence - Illustration by vladgrin on Shutterstock

Collective Intelligence – Illustration by vladgrin on Shutterstock

The page may look unimpressive at first sight; you could say it’s pure ‘Internet 1.0’, but the contents are really worth a careful look. Along with full e-papers, it contains poster papers and abstracts from plenary sessions at the MIT. They are usually available as downloadable PDFs and in other formats, sometimes even including video.

2012 collection of e-papers on Collective Intelligence – arXiv

ArXiv is one of the oldest (1991: that’s pre-World Wide Web!) and most well-known repositories for electronic preprints of scientific papers in different fields of science which can be accessed online and downloaded. It is now hosted and operated by Cornell University, with 14 mirrors around the world.

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Climate Change Adaptation in Kokkedal

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We are very pleased to announce that Ecosistema Urbano has been pre-qualified to participate in the competition “Klimatilpasning i Kokkedal” (Climate Change Adaptation in Kokkedal, 30km North of Copenhagen, Denmark). We participate together with Spectrum Arkitekter (DK) and Tyréns (SE) and with an expert panel consisting of: Morten Elle (U.S.), Territorial Studio (FR), Street Movement (DK), Soren Hansen and Steffen Aarfing (DK).


This competition is a collaboration between Realdania Fredensborg Municipality, Realdania, Local and Construction Fund and the public housing companies in Kokkedal.  The challenge is to explore new possibilities for local management of stormwater and flooding and how to combine it with recreational areas ​​and new active sites, new places for citizens to meet.

Image credits: Spectrum Arkitekter

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Authorship and collaboration | Urban Design Conference at Harvard

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Next Saturday —February 4, 2012— José Luis Vallejo and Edgar Pieterse will be giving a lecture about “Authorship and collaboration” as part of the Urban Design Conference at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

UD conference

The conference, subtitled Conditions and projections, hopes to propel a discussion about the unfulfilled potential of the practice of Urban Design and the role it can play in mediating the different disciplines and forces that eventually mould the built environment in our cities, suburbs and peri-urban conditions —the larger landscape that comprises the objects of human interventions of various kinds.

Participants in the conference will address 6 specific aspects relevant to contemporary discourse in Urban Design:

  • Land/form or the re-consideration of architecture’s traditional relationship to the ground, city and landscape, no longer occupying a site but instead, constructing and transforming the site itself.
  • Micro-Urbanisms or how in the context of crisis and uncertainty, local, networked, and even intangible interventions can have a direct impact on urban life.
  • Applied Research or the instrumental use of teaching and academia’s theories, methods and techniques for the purpose of real transformation of the urban realm.
  • Regulatory Practices that actively engage design through planning and policy making to propose more comprehensive scenarios to the current physical transformations of the built environment.
  • Strategic Upgrading, or the idea of large-scale transformation precipitated by strategic changes in the urban microcosm.
  • Authorship and Collaboration, or the exploration of current thinking about the role of collective authorship and collaboration within the design process in response to diverse working scales, emerging technologies and degrees of complexity

You can learn more about the conference at the official website.

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Appropedia | sharing sustainability

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For those of you who are not yet familiar with it, Appropedia is an appropriate technology wiki entirely dedicated to sustainability, poverty reduction and international development. Containing an encyclopedia, discussion forums and numerous links, Appropedia is a user generated open platform tool for empowering and informing. Anyone can add, remove or edit content. continue reading

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EU collaborators

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Ecosistema urbano is always searching for talented people, but many times it works the other way around and we feel very lucky to be directly contacted by them. Today I want to introduce you to four different people who have recently joined us at ecosistema urbano. We are very pleased with their contribution and their unique backgrounds, which bring a fresh approach to our work.

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Atlas of diversity

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While preparing the URBACT Biannual report, we came upon an interesting innovative educational tool – ATLAS OF DIVERSITY. Composed of a network of schools, the ATLAS uses mutual collaboration to generate one of the most important and world extensive database on cultural diversity.

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