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A recreation of our ‘Reggio school’ by Carlos Mazón | eu collaborators

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Remember the Reggio Children experimental educational center we were invited to design back in 2012? We haven’t published anything about it in a while, but we can assure you that behind the scenes the wheels are turning very fast, and the construction project is almost being finished at this very moment.

As a great excuse to break this silence —we’ll be showing more about it soon—, today we want to share with you the result of a brief collaboration with architect and architectural illustrator Carlos Mazón (@imcarlosmazon), who created this inspiring image for the project:

Recreation of the experimental educational centre in Reggio Emilia - by Carlos Mazón

Recreation of the experimental educational centre in Reggio Emilia – by Carlos Mazón

We wanted an evocative image that could give a hint of the future life of the building to the engaged educational community behind this project, and Carlos came up with this calm evening scene.

To show you how much detail the original has, here’s a cropped fragment of the image at 1:1 scale:

1:1 detail of the image

1:1 detail of the image

We asked Carlos, as we usually do with other collaborators, to briefly introduce himself on the blog. Here’s what he tells us:

My name is Carlos Mazón, I’m an architecture graduate from the school of architecture of Alicante. I’ve been interested in architectural visualization since the beginning of my studies, but I really started to get into it after noticing the work of Vyonyx, a London based visualization studio. Eventually, I even moved from the sunny Alicante to the cloudy London to join that very same office. After my time in Vyonyx, I had the chance to work for other renowned, international level studios like Squint/Opera, Meshroom or Pixelflakes.

Among the architecture offices I’ve had the pleasure of working for are Ecosistema Urbano, Foster+Partners, Zaha Hadid, BIG, Arup or Aedas among many others. You can have a look at some of my works in my —somewhat outdated— personal website or in my more up-to-date Behance profile, Right now I’m on the process of setting up “The Wire Collective”, a visualization studio, also based in London, with special focus on Open Source and education. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

You can see more of his previous works on his website. They’re definitely worth a closer look!

Carlos Mazon - some images from his portfolio

Carlos Mazon – some images from his portfolio – click to see more

Thank you, Carlos, and good luck with your start-up!

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