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24 Rooms Tucked Into One

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GARY CHANG stood in the middle of his apartment on a recent Saturday morning, ignoring a message from his Nintendo Wii on the wall-size screen: “Are you fidgeting? I can’t seem to analyze you.” He repositioned the game system’s balance board, stepped on for a second run of downhill skiing and began to shift from side to side, a computer-generated figure swishing in time with him across the room.

Soon enough, having worked up an appetite, he was ready to move on. He used a remote control to raise the screen, revealing a large yellow-tinted window behind it, filling the room with radiance. “Like sunshine,” Mr. Chang said, though the colorized gray daylight made the view — a forest of apartment towers in Hong Kong’s bustling working-class Sai Wan Ho district — look dusky, like an old sepia print. continue reading

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Repensar el patrimonio industrial FERROPOLIS

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Probablemente Alemania sea el pais donde se estén llevando a cabo los proyectos más experimentales e innovadores de reconfiguración de zonas industriales en desuso. En este caso os presentamos la experiencia de FERROPOLIS en Gräfenhainichen, una ciudad cercana a Dessau. Un museo al aire libre cuyo punto de partida es el abandono de gigantescas máquinas pesadas (dimensiones más allá de los 100m y más de 2.000 toneladas de peso). En vez de ser un lugar exclusivamente contemplativo (como tantos nuevos museos de temáticas “originales”), es un nuevo espacio para eventos ciudadanos.


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sonic city

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Nocturnal dub ambiances, pollution as echo chambers, drumming traffic noises, singing street lights… Scratching tramway bells by approaching walls, grabbing metallic railing as guitar strings, turning corners towards a chorus… Music creation with Sonic City is a co-production of user actions and urban conditions. It is experienced as a dynamic improvisation in context and continual rediscovery of everyday urban settings. Encounters, events, architecture, (mis)behaviours… all affect the music and become means of interacting with or ‘playing the city’. continue reading

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Welcome to this new project of the Architectural League of New York. Come see what we’re all about. Explore, read, listen, watch, and join in the conversation. We encourage your input – this is a soft launch, and we will be relying on your feedback to help us keep making the site better. continue reading

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Sustained development Dubai style II

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With Kylie Minogue, Charlize Theron, Shirley Bassey, Michael Jordan and Robert De Niro in attendance and a fireworks display literally visible from space, the $20 million opening party for the Atlantis Resort on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah islands last month seemed a fittingly extravagant farewell to Dubai’s construction adolescence. With the UAE’s supposedly impermeable economy feeling the strain together with the rest of the world, Dubai has been forced to redress construction behaviour.

sustained development dubai style

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Obama's ambitions for architecture

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President-elect Barak Obama and Vice-President-elect Joe Biden have both said publicly that if they weren’t politicians, they would be architects. So when the two men take office in late January 2009, all eyes will be on America’s First and Second Architects. What will the Obama Biden Administration do to jumpstart the world’s largest economy? And how will architects be affected? WAN Correspondent Sharon McHugh sifts through Obama’s policy papers to see what’s in store for our industry. continue reading

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Ciudades de codigo abierto – En directo

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Os recordamos que hoy 3 de diciembre, estamos retransmitiendo en directo el acto “ciudades de codigo abierto” que está teniendo lugar en la casa encendida de Madrid, bajo el comisariado de Ecosistema Urbano.

Para seguir en directo el debate os podéis conectar a

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Here Comes the Sun

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Silicon Valley has changed the world once. Now, thanks to a wave of investment and innovation in solar power, it’s on to the next revolution: A massive disruption of the U.S. electricity market.

(Business 2.0 Magazine) — There’s a missile-bunker vibe you get when walking into Solaicx, a Silicon Valley startup that manufactures the silicon wafers that are the building blocks of solar panels. continue reading

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Puma City by Lot-Ek

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Photos © Danny Bright, text © Lot-Ek

“Twenty-four shipping containers are retrofitted and transformed into PUMA CITY, a transportable retail and event building that is traveling around the world along with the 70-foot long Puma sailing boat – il Mostro – during the one-year long 2008 Volvo Ocean Race, just started in Alicante, Spain in early October.
The building is fully dismountable and travels on a cargo ship along with the sail boats; it will be assembled and disassembled a number of times once it reaches the different international harbors. continue reading

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¿PARTICIPAS CON NOSOTROS? Taller de acción creativa: "La ciudad campo de juegos"

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Os animamos a inscribiros al taller que tendrá lugar entre el 20 y el 24 de octubre de 2008 en Intermediae MATADERO MADRID. Inscripción libre, 10 plazas,  límite 16 de octubre. Envía un mail con tus datos y un micro-texto declarando el porqué de tu interés (

¿Es posible convertir las ciudades en un campo de experimentación y juego? ¿Es posible integrar los distintos ámbitos que componen el espacio público evitando la sectorización y fragmentación que afecta a las urbes contemporáneas? Desde nuestro punto de vista la ciudad utópica debería pensarse como una transformación de la realidad que nos rodea antes que como una nueva realidad a construir partiendo de cero.

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