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Ecosistema Urbano ha sido invitado a dirigir un taller (FESTARCH-LAB) dentro del evento internacional de arquitectura, comisariado por Stefano Boeri,
FESTARCH 2011 ( que tendrá lugar en varias localidades de la región italiana de Umbria (Terni, Perugia y Assisi) entre el 26 de mayo y el 5 de junio de 2011.

El taller que dirigiremos estará enfocado experimentar la complejidad urbana mientras interactuamos con la ciudad y sus ciudadanos. Al mismo tiempo intentaremos aproximarnos a posibles soluciones creativas y participativas para distintas situaciones de la realidad urbana contemporánea. continue reading

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Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement

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This exhibition presents eleven architectural projects on five continents that respond to localized needs in underserved communities. These innovative designs signal a renewed sense of commitment, shared by many of today’s practitioners, to the social responsibilities of architecture. Though this stance echoes socially engaged movements of the past, the architects highlighted here are not interested in grand manifestos or utopian theories. Instead, their commitment to a radical pragmatism can be seen in the projects they have realized, from a handmade school in Bangladesh to a reconsideration of a modernist housing project in Paris, from an apartheid museum in South Africa to a cable car that connects a single hillside barrio in Caracas to the city at large. These works reveal an exciting shift in the longstanding dialogue between architecture and society, in which the architect’s methods and approaches are being dramatically reevaluated. They also propose an expanded definition of sustainability that moves beyond experimentation with new materials and technologies to include such concepts as social and economic stewardship. Together, these undertakings not only offer practical solutions to known needs, but also aim to have a broader effect on the communities in which they work, using design as a tool. continue reading

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The Center for Ecoliteracy supports and advances education for sustainable living.

We believe that schools play a pivotal role in moving us beyond our growing environmental crises and toward a sustainable society. We recognize schooling for sustainability as a process that fosters abundant living on a finite planet and makes teaching and learning come alive.

We bring a passion to our work that stems from our conviction that the best hope for learning to live sustainably lies in schooling that returns to the real basics: engaging with the natural world; understanding how nature sustains life; nurturing healthy communities; exploring the consequences of how we feed and provision ourselves; caring about the places where we live and the people and creatures in them. continue reading

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International Dialogues: Architecture and Climate Change

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Climate change is an urgent global challenge. In response to the Stern Report, the RIBA Trust launched “International Dialogues: Architecture and Climate Change|”, a major programme of symposia exploring climate change, ecology, architecture, design and urbanism. Inaugurated by Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai, Founder of the Green Belt Movement, the series brings together visionary thinkers and practitioners from a range of disciplines to consider new possibilities, design innovation, technologies and partnerships in the global effort to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Curated by Tamara Horbacka, RIBA Trust.

View videos of International Dialogues online:

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Reclaiming the Street design competition

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As part of its ongoing multimedia exhibition project ‘Endless City’, MAMA is launching an open-submission competition: ‘Reclaiming the Street’. ‘Endless City’ is a multi-part project, initiated in the summer of 2009, in which MAMA explores the relationships between skateboard culture, the public realm and (visual) art, with a wink to the heritage of the Situationist International.

‘Reclaiming the Street’ is an open-submission competition aimed at established and emerging artists, architects and skateboarders who have or wish to establish a relationship with skateboard culture. We are looking for unpublished and unrealised concepts for the (re)organisation of urban public spaces in order to create a place for multiple user groups including skateboarders. Whereas in the past skateboarders were driven away from public spaces and then ‘caged up’ in purpose-built skateparks, we envisage a new phase in which youth culture and skateboard culture will be integrated within the public realm. In addition to our wish to provide a valid place for skateboard culture, we see skateboard culture as an instrument for improving the quality of certain public spaces.
‘Reclaiming the Street’ takes the idea of skateboard culture as ‘homo ludens’ as its starting point for building bridges between the all those who make use of the public realm. continue reading

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‘in January 2009 the uK government announced that a third runway should be built at heathrow. two days before this announcement greenpeace revealed that it had purchased a piece of land – airplot – on the proposed new runway site.
This marked the start of an epic battle. continue reading

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Serie "Desarrollo Sostenido": 2008 del ladrillazo al panelazo

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2008 españa huertos solares
Parece claro y demostrado que en España eso del “desarrollo sostenible” es algo de lo que todos hablan pero casi nadie practica. También sabemos recientemente que el nerviosismo del mercado por abandonar el cadáver inmobiliario ha sembrado de euros “al calor del sol” los márgenes de muchas infraestructuras. Durante el 2008 al mismo tiempo que muchas grúas eran abandonadas en todas las periferias, la industria “¿sostenible?” solar aprovechaba la cresta de la ola en un boom sin precedentes a nivel mundial, algo parecido a un tsunami fotovoltaico sobre muchos paisajes de la geografía española.
continue reading

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what if…?cities:Obama's vision for Urban and Metropolitan Policy

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“Now, the first thing we need to recognize is that this is not just a time of challenge for America’s cities; it’s also a time of great change.  Even as we’ve seen many of our central cities continuing to grow in recent years, we’ve seen their suburbs and exurbs grow roughly twice as fast — that spreads homes and jobs and businesses to a broader geographic area.  And this transformation is creating new pressures and problems”.
“So what’s needed now is a new, imaginative, bold vision tailored to this reality that brings opportunity to every corner of our growing metropolitan areas” (Obama) continue reading

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Solve the Congestion Crisis And Win $50,000

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Well, it’s time to make notes on that brilliant traffic-calming idea. The Intelligence Transportation Society of America (ITSA) kicked off a $50,000 “Congestion Challenge” today that seeks to pair social networking with innovative transportation policy-making. continue reading

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Inauguración de WHAT IF?…CITIES en el Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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Hace algunas semanas asistimos a la inauguración de la exposición “Green Architecture for the Future” en el Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, una institución que viene desarrollando su labor desde los años cincuenta en Humlebaek (un precioso pueblo a media hora en tren de Copenague). continue reading