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Welcome to this new project of the Architectural League of New York. Come see what we’re all about. Explore, read, listen, watch, and join in the conversation. We encourage your input – this is a soft launch, and we will be relying on your feedback to help us keep making the site better.

Come take a look at videos about agriculture in East New York. Listen to the jurors of the Reinventing Grand Army Plaza ideas competition discuss public space. Walk around the West Village with Richard Sennett. Read interviews with the founder and the architect of the Floating Pool. Take our survey on where your neighborhood ends.

We’re just getting started. In the coming weeks, look out for pieces on tidal hydropower, our recent Make a Difference in Two Days design activism event, and the Newtown Creek Nature Walk. We will be posting new features every Wednesday, with new forum posts spread throughout the week.


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This is a great website. thanks for linking.

This is a great website. thanks for linking.

Thanks, David.

Thanks, David.

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