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I’d like to present this curious group all composed by young women who invaded London’s streets with cakes.

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Superuse: a big database of recycling-related projects

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+art+design+internet


Superuse is based on a simple but effective concept. For the viewer, it is a big database of recycling-related projects in various fields (design, architecture, art, etc) and for its registered users it is a community whose members can submit stuff and vote other people’s sumissions. continue reading

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KULER -explore, create and share color themes-

Category: ⚐ EN+art+creativity+design+findings

the web-hosted application for generating color themes that can inspire any project. No matter what you’re creating, with Kuler you can experiment quickly with color variations and browse thousands of themes from the community…

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urban sketchers

Category: ⚐ EN+art

Urban Sketchers is a community of artists around the world who draw the people and places of the cities where they live and travel to. This blog is an extension to the Flickr Urban Sketchers group started in November of 2007 by Seattle journalist and illustrator Gabi Campanario.


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ARTECH 2008 – 4th International Conference on Digital Arts

Category: ⚐ EN+art

Nas Fronteiras do Imaginário
7, 8 | November Portuguese Catholic University | Porto

Artech 2008 is the fourth international workshop held in Portugal and Galicia on the topic of Digital Arts. It aims to promote contacts between Iberian and International contributors concerned with the conception, production and dissemination of Digital and Electronic Art. continue reading

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BIG – Expo Shanghai 2010 – The Danish Pavillion

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+art+sustainability+video

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group won the competition of designing and creating the danish pavillion for the Expo Shanghai 2010. continue reading

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swinging at the EcoBoulevard

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+art+creatividad

(click on “more” to see the animation)

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Abri n. 177 by OzCollective

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+art+events

Enormous and reasoned assembling of umbrellas, wood, cables and nets. Composite structure supporting the machine, the installation, the shelter. Compartment that can be reconfigured and can host a user/person. Without any fixation, structurally autonomous, therefore able to move in the space of the yard according to the visitors’/users’ (inside or outside the compartment) desires and interactions. From the inside, the user can make the composition of the surface vary, defining its degree of opacity and privacy. continue reading

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Creative recycling

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+art+design

I was reading this great article about creative recycled art, architecture and design in What if we think further and recycle all the buildingmaterials, and use it for new buildings or urban spaces? continue reading

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VISUALIZAR'08: Database City – Call for Projects

Category: ⚐ EN+art+open culture+technologies+urbanismo

Curated by: José Luis de Vicente
Instructors: Bestiario and Fabien Girardin
Dates: 3rd – 18th November, 2008
Venue: Medialab-Prado, Madrid (Calle Alameda, 15 · 28014 Madrid, Spain)

Medialab-Prado issues a call for data visualization projects to be carried out within the context of the VISUALIZAR 08: Database City International Workshop, that will take place from 3rd to 18th November 2008 at Medialab-Prado (Madrid, Spain). continue reading