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The Morning Line anti-pavilion launched at 3rd International Biennale of Seville

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The Morning Line
Matthew Ritchie in collaboration with Aranda/Lasch and Arup AGU
Commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary
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Jantar Mantar: Architecture and Solar Kingship in Princely India

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Jantar Mantar – Jaipur, India

I’d be surprised if Giorgio de Chirico , and the other Metaphysical landscapers had not seen or been influenced by the huge celestial instruments of the surreal Jantar Mantar. continue reading

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BIENNAL D’EIVISSA: call for works

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the museu d’art contemporani d’eivissa and the biennial committee are organizing the 20 biennal d’eivissa, which shall open in autumn 2008 in the museu d’art contemporani d’eivissa and which shall governed by the following rules: continue reading

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The Day After Tomorrow. Envisioning Spaces of Uncertainity

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One of post-industrial humanity’s most persistent nightmare and favorite theme of science-fiction is the rebellion of technology. Robots turning on their masters and super-intelligent computers taking over control: Technology that bites back. In particular, men-made, technology-pervaded environments that slip our sovereignty and start a menacing life of their own. Just think of Charlie Chaplin being force-fed by a feeding machine in Modern Times,

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Sound sculptor Timo Kahlen at Manifesta 7

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Timo Kahlen (*1966), media and sound artist based in Berlin, recently nominated for the German national “Sound Art Prize 2006” (Deutscher Klangkunst-Preis 2006), has been invited to take part in “Manifesta 7”, European Biennial of Contemporary Art in Trentino, Italy from July 19 to November 2, 2008. continue reading

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re:move final release

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re:move final release []

fernando casás [] intervention uses leds put together by francis naranjo [] in a mural outside expocoruña exhibition centre []

fernando casás launches the first of the series of leds which have been set by francis naranjo in a display unit outside expocoruña trade centre.  his work _despois de m/arte_,  is a contribution to the collective works titled _re:move final release_

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