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#networkedurbanism: turning waste into resources

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Inventoring in Amazon warehouse

Earlier this year we introduced to you #networkedurbanism, now that the “studio report” book is almost ready, we are publishing a series of posts showing some of the projects that the students have developed during the 2010, 2012, and 2013 studios at the GSD.

In this second #networkedurbanism post we present to you three projects that deal with the ever more urgent theme of waste reduction, recycle and re-use. These projects took the city of Boston and Harvard’s institutions as a test field for their development but you can easily image the impact of their ideas in any urban environment: turning waste into a new resource and correcting the waste management cycle to reach a cradle-to-cradle level of efficiency. continue reading

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ecosistema urbano en el WORKSHOP INTERNACIONAL- Recycling Urban Industrial Landscapes

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Ecosistema Urbano participa en el WORKSHOP INTERNACIONAL- Recycling Urban Industrial Landscapes.
Este taller es co-organizado por el Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona y el Máster en Intervención y Gestión del Paisaje de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona con el objetivo de reflexionar sobre el futuro de la central térmica de Sant Adrià de Besòs y el área urbana de las tres chimeneas. continue reading

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Creative recycling

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I was reading this great article about creative recycled art, architecture and design in What if we think further and recycle all the buildingmaterials, and use it for new buildings or urban spaces? continue reading