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Authorship and collaboration | Urban Design Conference at Harvard

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Next Saturday —February 4, 2012— José Luis Vallejo and Edgar Pieterse will be giving a lecture about “Authorship and collaboration” as part of the Urban Design Conference at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

UD conference

The conference, subtitled Conditions and projections, hopes to propel a discussion about the unfulfilled potential of the practice of Urban Design and the role it can play in mediating the different disciplines and forces that eventually mould the built environment in our cities, suburbs and peri-urban conditions —the larger landscape that comprises the objects of human interventions of various kinds.

Participants in the conference will address 6 specific aspects relevant to contemporary discourse in Urban Design:

  • Land/form or the re-consideration of architecture’s traditional relationship to the ground, city and landscape, no longer occupying a site but instead, constructing and transforming the site itself.
  • Micro-Urbanisms or how in the context of crisis and uncertainty, local, networked, and even intangible interventions can have a direct impact on urban life.
  • Applied Research or the instrumental use of teaching and academia’s theories, methods and techniques for the purpose of real transformation of the urban realm.
  • Regulatory Practices that actively engage design through planning and policy making to propose more comprehensive scenarios to the current physical transformations of the built environment.
  • Strategic Upgrading, or the idea of large-scale transformation precipitated by strategic changes in the urban microcosm.
  • Authorship and Collaboration, or the exploration of current thinking about the role of collective authorship and collaboration within the design process in response to diverse working scales, emerging technologies and degrees of complexity

You can learn more about the conference at the official website.

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'city civic movements in a global world' – Saskia Sassen in Lisbon (18th April)

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Next monday (April 18) Saskia Sassen will be in Lisbon for an evening conference on ‘city civic movements in a global world’ at the presentation of the ‘GLOBAL CITY 2.0′ NETWORK (see document below ).

The Portuguese CIDADES PELA RETOMA movement is now challenging partnersworldwide to create a global network called GLOBAL CITY 2.0, an open invitation toindividuals, groups and institutions who wish to think about the role of URBAN CIVICMOVEMENTS and its potential to transform cities and beyond, specially in this hardeconomic times ( continue reading

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Sustainability in motion. Aarhus Nov. 5th

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ecosistema urbano will be present at the conference  Sustainability in Motion, taking place in Aarhus next November 5th hosted by the Danish Architects’ Association.  Other speakers will be Lia Ghilardi from Noema Research and Planning (England) and Patricia Patkau from Patkau Architects (Canada). Related to the event they have interviewed us. The interview is available in their webpage.

More info on the workshop and lecture here

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ecosistema urbano at the Conference on Ethics in Architectural Practice, Wroclaw Oct. 15-16th

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Ecosistema Urbano will be presenting their work at the Conference on Ethics in Architectural Practice, organized by The Faculty of Architecture from the University of Technology. The conference will take place in Wroclaw on Oct. 15-16th.

The emergence of the consumerist society has changed the role of culture and architecture. Zygmunt Bauman wrote:
Since culture had lost its status as a necessary tool in the design, construction, and maintenance of the social order, cultural artifacts were withdrawn from the storefront, and, following improvement, made available for sale at the Shopping Centre. Can we manage as a profession to survive, in view of the dissolution of criteria for beauty and usefulness, in a world of fluid values and aesthetics? Are the new, ethics-oriented architectural movements now gaining authority, such as slow architecture and sustainable design, a hope for the renewal of architecture?

The three main topics are:

1. Education in ethics for students of architecture, understood as an awakening of ethical consciousness.

2. Ethics in design. Professional attitudes towards architecture as moral statements.

3. A model Code of Ethics for architects.

For more info:

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PODCASTS: Ecological Urbanism Conference Harvard GSD

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ECOLOGICAL URBANISM: Alternative and Sustainable Cities of the Future
Conference at Harvard University Graduate School of Design
April 3 – 5, 2009

The conference, which ran from April 3-5, 2009, brought together design practitioners, students and theorists, economists, engineers, environmental scientists, politicians and public health specialists, with the goal of reaching a more robust understanding of ecological urbanism and what it might be in the future. continue reading

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II European Conference – "Strategies for Development of the European Digital Space"

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Our current everyday lives reflect a panorama of global, political, social and economic uncertainties and therefore raises the need to respond with imaginative initiatives that might help to develop new models in response to the economic downturn and the new paradigms and opportunities offered by the digital age. continue reading

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Barcelona en Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference

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Copenhagen FUTURE CITY
Dentro del marco de la Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference que se realiza este mes de diciembre, con la finalidad de establecer un nuevo acuerdo climático global, la Climate Summit for Mayors ha organizado la exhibición “Future City”, un espacio en el que las 12 ciudades pioneras en sostenibilidad, exponen propuestas que ya han implantado en sus áreas para combatir el cambio climático. continue reading