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ecosistema urbano at the Conference on Ethics in Architectural Practice, Wroclaw Oct. 15-16th

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Ecosistema Urbano will be presenting their work at the Conference on Ethics in Architectural Practice, organized by The Faculty of Architecture from the University of Technology. The conference will take place in Wroclaw on Oct. 15-16th.

The emergence of the consumerist society has changed the role of culture and architecture. Zygmunt Bauman wrote:
Since culture had lost its status as a necessary tool in the design, construction, and maintenance of the social order, cultural artifacts were withdrawn from the storefront, and, following improvement, made available for sale at the Shopping Centre. Can we manage as a profession to survive, in view of the dissolution of criteria for beauty and usefulness, in a world of fluid values and aesthetics? Are the new, ethics-oriented architectural movements now gaining authority, such as slow architecture and sustainable design, a hope for the renewal of architecture?

The three main topics are:

1. Education in ethics for students of architecture, understood as an awakening of ethical consciousness.

2. Ethics in design. Professional attitudes towards architecture as moral statements.

3. A model Code of Ethics for architects.

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Conferencia y Taller sobre la Ética en la práctica arquitectónica, Breslavia- Wroclaw 15 oct.

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El próximo viernes 15 de Octubre ecosistema urbano participará en la Conferencia y Taller sobre la Ética en la práctica arquitectónica que tendrá lugar en el Museo de la Arquitectura de la ciudad polaca de Breslavia. El evento está organizado por la Universidad de Tecnología y la Asociación de Arquitectos de Polonia. Los temas que se tratarán son:

– Educación en ética para los estudiantes de la arquitectura

– Ética en el diseño. La actitud profesional hacia la arquitectura como una declaración de principios.

– Modelo de Código Ético para los arquitectos.

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IAAC THESIS PROJECTS 2009. Gawel Tyrala from Wroclaw, Poland

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Within the IAAC Thesis projects series we started last year, we continue today by presenting the work by Gawel Tyrala, an architect from Wroclaw, Poland. As a thesis project he developed a project to enter a competition on Vistula River banks. Permanent activities around Vistula River banks forced the need to create temporary infrastructure for going on events. continue reading