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'city civic movements in a global world' – Saskia Sassen in Lisbon (18th April)

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Next monday (April 18) Saskia Sassen will be in Lisbon for an evening conference on ‘city civic movements in a global world’ at the presentation of the ‘GLOBAL CITY 2.0′ NETWORK (see document below ).

The Portuguese CIDADES PELA RETOMA movement is now challenging partnersworldwide to create a global network called GLOBAL CITY 2.0, an open invitation toindividuals, groups and institutions who wish to think about the role of URBAN CIVICMOVEMENTS and its potential to transform cities and beyond, specially in this hardeconomic times (

GLOBAL CITY 2.0 is currently developing a map of urban-based blogs and sites- from thescale of streets to neighbourhoods and cities- promoted by citizens or groups that thinkcollaboratively about the future of the places where they live and work. The initiative isdeveloped under the spirit of the ‘2011 European Year of Volunteering to promote moreactive citizenship’( Following the first gathering ofinformation we have managed to map more than 250 blogs in 15 countries.

‘No economic recovery without cities & citizens’ Civic Movement:

Global City 2.0

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