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[] échelle inconnue

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Hoy os presentamos esta estructura francesa que lleva ya 10 años trabajando juntos. En el mundo de los colectivos, es un logro importante conseguir ser longevos. No perder la frescura y sobre todo el amor por lo que se hace. Stany estuvo con nosotros en los talleres urbanaccion en La Casa Encendida, y fue todo un placer conocerle. continue reading

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building futures – the RIBA looks into the future

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Building Futures is the future studies programme of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Its activities include undertaking research, producing publications, and holding lectures, debates and seminar events. Building Futures  promotes and encourages  interaction between researchers, developers, architects, clients and the public.
Building Futures was established to create space for discussion about the needs of society from our built environment and, consequently, the built environment professions in 20 years and beyond.
The group aims to address the big picture. How and where will we be living in 50 or 100 years’ time, when the climate has changed and cities are bigger than ever? What technologies will architects be using to design buildings and what new materials will they be specifying? How will the inevitable new technologies affect the buildings we all use every day?

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Workshops on deprived housing areas in Denmark

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The objective of the workshop is to analyze the physical challenges and problems of the housing area. Though the problems of the area consist of social, economic and physical aspects, this workshop will only focus on the physical aspects.

The intention of the workshop is not to develop solutions but to define the key problems regarding the physical environment: architecture, outdoor spaces and urban planning.

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experts on EUTV – new interviews

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will alsopricky burdett bill gethingcj limken yeangalejandro zaera

in a recent trip to london, i had the great pleasure to interview some of the city’s most relevant names in architecture and sustainability for our internet tv channel EUTV. you will soon be able to see these interviews on the web.

will alsopone of UK’s most prominent architects. founder of smc alsop, responsible for projects such as the sharp centre for design (canada) or peckham library and media centre (UK). he is also a recognised artist and has been a tutor of sculpture at central st martins college of art & design (london). continue reading

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Ordos 100

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The scope of the project is to Develop 100 hundred villas in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China continue reading

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Wind turbine observation tower

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+sustainability+technologies

The author of this is proposal is Michael Jantzen. This is an observation tower where people can walk through to view the surronding landscape, while the five wind activated segments of the structure rotate aroud them in diferent directions.

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Piel: experimental web book

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+colaboraciones+eu:abierto

Piel.Skin is an experimental web book aimed at architecture students. The book literally surfs on several projects, jumping from exceptional exteriors in Asia to intelligently optimized facades in Europe. The book allows playing a virtual tour dedicated to google-earth travellers: By means of clicking on the coordinates of each project begins a journey where you can jump directly to each site and visualize the project within its environment.
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Pink virus in Rotterdam

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Pinks dots all over the street. That is project by STUDIO VOLLAERSZWART.  LET’S STICK TOGETHER-812U

a colourful virus of 45.000 stickers was unleashed onto the buildings of the Witte deWith street for annual art festival “World of Witte de With” in Rotterdam, September 2006. continue reading

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Landscape Lessons in Genoa (italy)

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Savignone (Genoa), Colonia at Renesso, 3 – 25 May 2008

Press conference: Monday, 28. April 2008, 12 am Palace of the Province (Ge)

Saturday, 3th May 2008
opening: 10 am
– presentation of UPC-ACMA International Master of Architecture of the Landscape [Barcelona/Milan], 11 am
– vernissage photographic exhibition: “Sguardi nel paesaggio. Un resoconto sulla fotografia italiana contemporanea”, 4 pm
– vernissage installations site specific, 6 pm

Landscape Lessons are a series of meetings, happenings, art exhibitions and temporary art installations that will be arranged at the Colonia at Renesso. The building is an example of the first Italian Rationalism, designed by the engineer Camillo Nardi Greco in 1933. It is located in the district of Savignone (Genoa) in the inland parts of Liguria. Since the XXth century it has been a well known resort.

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Sign up to save Robin Hood Gardens now!

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For the next two weeks, Building Design will be collecting signatures in favour of listing Robin Hood Gardens before presenting our petition to English Heritage by March 7th.

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