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eu:abierto – Carlos Vial (

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We want to introduce a new member of the eu:abierto group: My name is Carlos Vial and I live in Santiago de Chile. I study architecture and right now I am finishing my final project, a proposal for the urban rehabilitation of an area in the periphery of the city. The rehabilitation is based on a strategy of systems and operations aimed to enhance the social integration in the area. I am also the editor of a Chilean architecture website [], from where we want to show the present state of architecture in Chile and worldwide, generating a space for discussion and learning.
Recently, my interests have focused on material research and the study of the latest trends in urbanism, seeking a sustainable and pro-active tool.

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[ecosistema urbano]:abierto

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Some weeks ago, Ecosistema Urbano created an account in Facebook. If you don’t know it yet, Facebook is a social network, a phenomenon that some experts think has the potential to become a giant of the size of google, Yahoo or Amazon.

The motive for opening this account is simple: we want to develop a network of creative people interested on areas related to architecture, city and design; people who constantly think about sustainability in their work, and aim to maintain and increase urban vitality.

We understand this blog as a meeting point for all this people and a social network as the best tool for them to meet and communicate.
For this purpose we have created in Facebook the group [ecosistema urbano]:abierto where all our readers can join in exchange for a text introducing themselves which we will publish in this blog.

We want to meet our readers and we want them to have the possibility to publish in the blog.

If you want to be part of the group, send us your text – write about what you want; we have conceived it as an introductory text, but you can make it anything you like. You can tell us about yourselves or about your interests.
The texts, which should contain less than 3000 characters, will be published in the blog under the category eu:abierto, and they can include links to sites you want to recommend.

For publishing and joining the Facebook group [ecosistema urbano]:abierto you can send me an email at

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Madrid Architecture Week – 29th Sept to 6th Oct – Map

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This week Madrid celebrates its Architecture Week. If you are in the city, have a look – there are talks, visits to outstanding buildings and conferences going on every day.

Jesús has told us about the interactive map showing this week’s activities he has created using google maps. It includes all the buildings open to visits, each with its credits, opening hours and telephone number for reservations where necessary. Here is the map.

Thank you Jesús for this useful tool!

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atelier d’architecture autogérée

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atelier d’architecture autogérée (aaa) is a collective platform for reseca and action around urban mutations and cultural, social and political practices emerging in the modern city. It works like inter-and-extra discipline network open to a wide range of points of view: architects, artists, students, researchers, pensioners, politicians, unemployed people, residents… They will take part in the URBANACCION conferences organised at FUCOAM from the 23rd of October to the 20th of November in Madrid.

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ecosistema urbano winner of experimental education center for Reggio Children Foundation

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experimental education center for Reggio Children Foundation

Last June, we shared in our blog we had been invited to participate in the competition for the design of an experimental center for early childhood education in Reggio Emilia (Italy).

The Reggio Children Foundation is a network of public schools for kids between birth and 11 years old in Reggio Emilia, a city where one third of the public budget is invested in education. During these months we have been working to develop the proposal, a laboratory-school where a new approach to children’s education is experimented, trying to make a proposal that would enhance the spirit of Reggio Children Foundation, their working method and philosophy, at the same time that addressing issues such as energy efficiency, sustainability, participation, etc.

It was very exciting to get a deeper knowledge of the “Reggio approach” and its learning methods, and experiment with the educational role of the spacial and urban space context. The Reggio Approach is an educational philosophy based on the image of the child, and of human beings, as possessing strong potentials for development and as a subject of rights who learns and grows in his relationships with others.

It is an honor for us to know that we have been winners of the competition, competing with extraordinary teams across Europe. The Reggio Children Foundation philosophy dovetails nicely with our own and we see the development of the proposal and the materialization of the solutions as a challenge we are willing to face.

Congratulations, Ecosistema!

experimental education center for Reggio Children Foundationexperimental education center for Reggio Children Foundation

We share an excerpt from the considerations of the jury:

“The proposed solution is the best suited to represent the new school concept, making the new building a new collective experiment. The building itself becomes an opportunity for comparison, on issues of sustainability and eco-backwards compatibility, making the children themselves active participants. The construction techniques proposed include a development which can be implemented over time, according to needs for teaching-learning related to the school’s teaching plan, which makes the construction of the building itself a community project, seen as a process rather than a point of arrival”.

experimental education center for Reggio Children Foundation

experimental education center for Reggio Children Foundation

Experimental education center for Reggio Children Foundation