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Piel: experimental web book

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Piel.Skin is an experimental web book aimed at architecture students. The book literally surfs on several projects, jumping from exceptional exteriors in Asia to intelligently optimized facades in Europe. The book allows playing a virtual tour dedicated to google-earth travellers: By means of clicking on the coordinates of each project begins a journey where you can jump directly to each site and visualize the project within its environment.
Ethel Baraona Pohl studied architecture between El Salvador and Guatemala. This initial exchange showed her the similarities and differences of architectural work according to location. Guided by this fact and once established in Europe, her professional activities linked her to several architectural publications like Constructiva and Waterdrops magazines. Her last publication is the book Sustainable Architecture with Editorial Pencil from Valencia which has been nominee to the 2008 RIBA Construction Book Awards. The years working in this field allowed her to expand her catalogue of paradigmatic examples, calling powerfully attention on the development of buildings skins. Now she shares for the first time this experience with us with the (probably) FIRST PAPERLESS ARCHITECTURE BOOK EVER

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