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Hamar Experience 11 | Technology workshop

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Last week the TECHNOLOGY workshop took place and Hamar response was even better than expected. We also had a workshop with students from Bergen School of Architecture, who resulted in a free lunch on Stortorget – with a cow as special guest!

On today’s Hamar Experience 11 Belinda Tato will share pictures and anecdotes from the workshop and the free lunch.

And of course, because Hamar is the star of dreamhamar, Belinda will share the spotlight with a citizen who participated on TECHNOLOGY workshop – Morten Fridstrøm. He will tell us about his experience and if the workshop was everything he expected!

Unfortunately, we will not be able to bring the cow to Hamar Experience. Nevertheless, you’ve got a date with the progress of dreamhamar on Monday, at 18:00h on

See you this evening!

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image based on a photo by Gunnar Bothner-By (Flickr)

We would like to invite students, designers and creatives from all over the world to participate in dreamhamar online workshops.

The workshops focus on network learning and network design applied to a specific case study – the design of a public space: Stortorget Square in Hamar, Norway.

Via the workshops, participants will be able to be part of an international network of professionals and talented people. The aim is to develop and share ideas about the design of the square.

Please find below the details of the first of dreamhamar online workshops:

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launching dreamhamar | LIVE NEXT MONDAY at 6pm

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After few months of intensive work at Ecosistema Urbano, we are pleased to announce the launch of dreamhamar, a network design process around Stortorget square in Hamar, Norway.

Network Design is a process of open and transparent design allowing both local and international contributors to work and propose solutions for the same project. For more information about dreamhamar and network design process you can visit the ABOUT page.

Since one of the main purposes of dreamhamar is to encourage people’s participation in the project, please don’t hesitate to share with us your opinions and ideas by commenting this post or just through the CONTACT page.

One of the tools we will be using to communicate the progress of the project is the HAMAR EXPERIENCE, a weekly video broadcasting in which the Local Lab Team and Ecosistema Urbano will describe the project in progress. We will share reports about activities, challenges encountered during the process along with the every day life of the Local Lab Team. HAMAR EXPERIENCE aims to make the process a shared and learning architecture experience.

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whatif | 2.0 beta version and new official site

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Some weeks ago we announced here the coming release of the Whatif web application and commented on its main features. Today we are pleased to be launching the new Whatif 2.0 version and the official website of the project, [Edit: The website is no longer available and the name has changed, see Local In].

Next you can watch (in spanish) a short video presentation we recorded at the office:

At you will find the following content:

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Aujourd’hui nous avons le plaisir de partager avec nos lecteurs un travail sur les VILLES 2.0 de l’architecte-urbaniste Concetta Sangrigoli (agence Oikos).

Voici un petit résumé de l’article titré “CONSTRUIS TA VILLE TOI-MÊME!” que vous pouvez trouver en version intégrale ci-dessous où bien directement sur scribd:

La ville de demain existe déjà, mais par petits morceaux épars. D’expériences pilotes en tentatives avant-gardistes, en France et ailleurs – et surtout ailleurs ! – se dresse le portrait-robot de l’urbanité du xxie siècle : conviviale, familiale
et participative. Elle ne nécessite pas tant des moyens supplémentaires qu’un état d’esprit ouvert et sans tabou. Les nouvelles technologies, si l’on sait s’en emparer, peuvent transformer nos villes en îlots de bien-être collectif, loin des mégalopoles déshumanisées que la sciencefiction aime à nous jeter à la figure. À partir de la simple observation du réel, imaginons ensemble de quoi notre avenir proche pourrait être fait. À condition de ne pas laisser une question supposée technique aux mains des seuls techniciens ! continue reading

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Before I die I want to… #followcreative

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Today I present another project by Candy Chang. An interesting installation on a side of an abandoned house in her neighborhood in New Orleans. She transformed it  into a giant chalkboard where residents could  fill in the blank and remember what is important to them in life. The project is also about turning a neglected space into a constructive one where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us. continue reading