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We would like to invite students, designers and creatives from all over the world to participate in dreamhamar online workshops.

The workshops focus on network learning and network design applied to a specific case study – the design of a public space: Stortorget Square in Hamar, Norway.

Via the workshops, participants will be able to be part of an international network of professionals and talented people. The aim is to develop and share ideas about the design of the square.

Please find below the details of the first of dreamhamar online workshops:

online workshop directed by Andres Walliser

Public spaces have been one of the defining elements of the urban condition, whereas a city or a hamlet.
This workshop aims to look at public space from a social point of view.
The workshop will focus on different uses of public space in relation with social, cultural, political, and environmental variables; the evolution of public space in urban contexts, and the role of people in public space development through practice, use, and participatory tools.

Public space can be the result of a customary use along time, or of urban planning as a given space with different functions like representation, social control, or comercial, among others. It also can be the outcome of a participation process – both top down (this is launched by the public admistration), or bottom up, demanded by the residents.

The workshop will be illustrated with examples reviewing both public spaces along history and recent relevant cases of innovation in urban and social design.

Andres Walliser has a PhD in Sociology and he is a specialist in urban issues. As an Academic, he is particularly interested in participation, gobernance, and social exclusion; while as a practitioner, he focuses on urban planning and urban policies.Andres Walliser is an Associate Lecturer at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, and collaborates with Ecosistema Urbano since 2005.

| 4 online sessions | theoretical and methodological aspects
| 4 online network design sessions | development and sharing of ideas
| networking | each workshop will have its own blog hosted in where participants will be able to meet, interact with each other, and build their own network of creatives from all over the world.
| tools | participants will learn to use network design and communication tools such as livestream, wordpress, google+, twitter, facebook, posterous, and so on.
| publication | each participant will submit a project or an idea at the end of the workshop, which will be published under a creative commons license in dreamhamar and ecosistema urbano websites.

4 – 26 October, 2011
| online sessions | Tuesday 18:00 – 19:00 (UTC+2, Norway Time)
| online network design sessions | Wednesday 18:00 – 19:00 UTC+2 (UTC+2, Norway Time)

250 euros | 200 euros until 31st of August 2011

26th, September 2011, 12.00 pm (UTC+2, Norway Time)

Minimum: 5
Maximum: 15

3 grants available.
Should you wish to apply for a grant, please send us a cv, a motivation letter, and three projects. We will contact you with more details.

For registering, please click the banner below and choose your payment method (Paypal or credit card).

dreamhamar online workshops are a collaboration betweenEcosistema Urbano and Urban Social Design. Andres Walliser directed “City Centers’ Sustainable Development” within  Urban Social Design Experience, an networked-learning online program on urban and social innovation.

For any information regarding dreamhamar’s workshops, please fill the contact form or just email us at
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