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launching dreamhamar | LIVE NEXT MONDAY at 6pm

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After few months of intensive work at Ecosistema Urbano, we are pleased to announce the launch of dreamhamar, a network design process around Stortorget square in Hamar, Norway.

Network Design is a process of open and transparent design allowing both local and international contributors to work and propose solutions for the same project. For more information about dreamhamar and network design process you can visit the ABOUT page.

Since one of the main purposes of dreamhamar is to encourage people’s participation in the project, please don’t hesitate to share with us your opinions and ideas by commenting this post or just through the CONTACT page.

One of the tools we will be using to communicate the progress of the project is the HAMAR EXPERIENCE, a weekly video broadcasting in which the Local Lab Team and Ecosistema Urbano will describe the project in progress. We will share reports about activities, challenges encountered during the process along with the every day life of the Local Lab Team. HAMAR EXPERIENCE aims to make the process a shared and learning architecture experience.

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Looking for a Norwegian young architect

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Ecosistema Urbano is looking for a Norwegian young architect for a position at our office in Madrid. The main task will be collaborating on the project Hamar-onethousandsquare, from June 2011 till May 2012.

If you are interested, please contact info@ecosistemaurbano for further details.

More info about the project:
More info about ecosistema urbano:
twitter: @ecosistema

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ONETHOUSANDSQUARE generating debate through local media in Hamar

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The ONETHOUSANDSQUARE ( project have yet started and it is already generating debate in Hamar! “Supporting the art project in Stortorget” Or “Støtter kunstprosjektet på Stortorget” was the title of last week’s local newspaper continue reading

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[work in progress] ONETHOUSANDSQUARE

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ONETHOUSANDSQUARE ha sido la propuesta ganadora del concurso de ideas para el diseño de una intervención en la Stortorget main square de Hamar, ciudad noruega ubicada a 130 kilómetros al norte de Oslo. El proyecto conectará esta ciudad con el resto del mundo mediante un diseño colaborativo de espacio público utilizando herramientas del siglo XXI.

ONETHOUSANDSQUARE combinará la aportación creativa de los ciudadanos de Hamar con la de profesionales y ciudadanos del resto del mundo que deseen participar en la realización de un proceso nuevo de ideación y diseño Open Source de espacio público, conectando el espacio de trabajo digital y físico en la plaza de Stortorget. continue reading