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ONETHOUSANDSQUARE generating debate through local media in Hamar

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The ONETHOUSANDSQUARE ( project have yet started and it is already generating debate in Hamar! “Supporting the art project in Stortorget” Or “Støtter kunstprosjektet på Stortorget” was the title of last week’s local newspaper featuring ONETHOUSANDSQUARE project. It includes an interview with Professor Fredrik Lund, an architect teaching at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Here is an extract of that interview:

Professor Fredrik Lund who is familiar with the Spanish architects work is positive the project will be a success (…) Lund has followed Ecosistema Urbano projects since 2007, and became so impressed with them that he traveled to Spain to see their projects with his own eyes. ‘These people really know what they are doing. They contribute with something that is new, exciting and socially inclusive’, he says.”

Please see bellow for the complete article (in Norwegian).

Støtter kunstprosjektet på Stortorget

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