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Ecosistema Urbano in Hamar

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We are glad to report you that Ecosistema Urbano’s principals Belinda Tato and José Luis Vallejo visited Hamar last week to present the ONETHOUSANDSQUARE project to the city’s politicians.

Work on the project has not yet begun and another article was published in the local newspaper, supporting it in the name of democracy – “Invitasjon til demokrati” (invitation to democracy) was last week’s title in Hamar Dagblad, a local newspaper.
I think the Spanish project is exciting, especially because it invites us to participate in a democratic process’ says Brox Haugen (..) Today the square is large, sloping, gray and noisy. We, the local residents, must find out, preferably together, how we can make it more inviting.’”.

Please see bellow for the complete article (in Norwegian). For more information about the project please visit the website ONETHOUSANDSQUARE. continue reading

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ONETHOUSANDSQUARE generating debate through local media in Hamar

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The ONETHOUSANDSQUARE ( project have yet started and it is already generating debate in Hamar! “Supporting the art project in Stortorget” Or “Støtter kunstprosjektet på Stortorget” was the title of last week’s local newspaper continue reading

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[work in progress] One Thousand square

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Lluis Sabadell and Ecosistema Urbano will design the Art in the Main Square of Hamar, Norway.

After a first open call with 78 teams presented, we where short listed with other four teams. Now we will work in Hamar with another team, Lars Kjemphol with the architects of Lalaland, because the jury thought that booth proposals are interesting and complementary. Have a look to the proposal of Lars Kjemphol.

You can find more information about the results of the competition here.

On this site you can find the video we made with Laboratorium. continue reading