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#networkedurbanism: Bicycle Culture

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Earlier this year we introduced to you #networkedurbanism. Now that the “studio report” book is almost ready, we are publishing a series of posts showing some of the projects that the students have developed during the 2010, 2012, and 2013 studios at the GSD.

Here at ecosistema urbano we often talk about urban biking (e.g. here, here) and we are also developing our own ideas to improve both cyclists life and urban quality, like in Get a Bike; but bicycle culture is a growing trend also in the United States (a nice infographic here) and #networkedurbanism students have explored different aspects of it. Biking and urbanism share much more than just cycle lanes; a student used the bike as a personal air quality monitor device; another one developed a device to map road conditions and draw cyclist-targeted maps; a third one focused on the problem of the increasing number of bike thefts. continue reading

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O Campanario na cidade invisible | video

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Un pequeño documental sobre un taller de autoconstrucción que se llevó a cabo en el barrio de O Campanário en la ciudad de A Coruña, entre Septiembre y Diciembre 2011. Una experiencia que nos muestra cómo la necesidad aboca a construir desde abajo.

O Campanario na cidade invisible from O Campanario on Vimeo.

Un proyecto desarrollado por Felipe Riola Parada, Jesús Carrazoni Fuertes, José Manuel Sanchez Vizcaíno, Marcario Iglesias Carbonell y Xiao Varela Gómez, para desescribir, estudio de arquitectura y diseño.

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