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Ecosistema Urbano: Exhibition in Paris

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[ecosistema urbano] exhibition in paris.
February 5 > march 12 2009

Opening February 5 at 6:30 pm.
“Le Sommer Environnement” la Galerie.
5 bis rue des Haudriettes, 75003 Paris
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Abri n. 177 by OzCollective

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Enormous and reasoned assembling of umbrellas, wood, cables and nets. Composite structure supporting the machine, the installation, the shelter. Compartment that can be reconfigured and can host a user/person. Without any fixation, structurally autonomous, therefore able to move in the space of the yard according to the visitors’/users’ (inside or outside the compartment) desires and interactions. From the inside, the user can make the composition of the surface vary, defining its degree of opacity and privacy. continue reading

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vídeo: estudio luis urculo /// mansilla tuñon PARIS

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Acabo de descubrir este vídeo realizado por Luis Urculo para el proyecto de Place des Halles en Paris de Mansilla y Tuñon. continue reading