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Barcelona en Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference

Category: arquitectura

Copenhagen FUTURE CITY
Dentro del marco de la Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference que se realiza este mes de diciembre, con la finalidad de establecer un nuevo acuerdo climático global, la Climate Summit for Mayors ha organizado la exhibición “Future City”, un espacio en el que las 12 ciudades pioneras en sostenibilidad, exponen propuestas que ya han implantado en sus áreas para combatir el cambio climático. continue reading

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Sentient City: Interview with Fabien Girardin

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+espacios sensibles | sentient city


This interview is in the framework of a Phd research about new technologies and hybrid cities. It aims to demonstrate how this new tools can revitalize public spaces at the city. continue reading

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Category: ⚐ EN+urbanism


For a long time now I’ve been obsessed with suburban and exurban master-planned communities and how to make them better. But as the economy and the mortgage crisis just seem to get worse, and gas prices continue to plunge, the issues around housing have changed dramatically. The problem now isn’t really how to better design homes and communities, but rather what are we going to do with all the homes and communities we’re left with. continue reading

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sonic city

Category: ⚐ EN+urbanism

Nocturnal dub ambiances, pollution as echo chambers, drumming traffic noises, singing street lights… Scratching tramway bells by approaching walls, grabbing metallic railing as guitar strings, turning corners towards a chorus… Music creation with Sonic City is a co-production of user actions and urban conditions. It is experienced as a dynamic improvisation in context and continual rediscovery of everyday urban settings. Encounters, events, architecture, (mis)behaviours… all affect the music and become means of interacting with or ‘playing the city’. continue reading

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Pink virus in Rotterdam

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+arte+city+design+eu:abierto+the environment


Pinks dots all over the street. That is project by STUDIO VOLLAERSZWART.  LET’S STICK TOGETHER-812U

a colourful virus of 45.000 stickers was unleashed onto the buildings of the Witte deWith street for annual art festival “World of Witte de With” in Rotterdam, September 2006. continue reading

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Imitated nature in Tokyo

Category: ⚐ EN+city+the environment

The typical characteristic of modern Japanese cities, most evident in Tokyo, is a chaotic, patchwork-like, urban environment filled with high-density residential and commercial areas close to industrial plants. Tokyo is known for hypermodern architecture, skyscrapers and looks like a future city. But how do people actually live in this concrete urbanity? continue reading