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Google Sketchup – Free Energy Modeling

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Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) recently revealed a free plug-in for Google SketchUp that will allow anyone to perform energy modeling on projects. continue reading

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Solarspot, The tubular skylight

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As we know, the natural sunlight is an indispensable source of life for the living organisms; for the man,
however, it plays various roles with remarkable psychological effects not exclusively bound to the quality of the vision of individuals, but for their well-being as well: the feeling of a well aired place, the perception of the true natural colours, the regulation of the biological cycles. The abstention from its benefits for long periods is the principal cause of some depressing pathologies. continue reading

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Ever thought about buying your own country? continue reading

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Passive House: Comfort through Efficiency

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The Passive House ( is the world’s leading standard in energy efficient construction: Energy saved on heating is 80% compared to conventional standards of new buildings. The energy requirement for heating is lower than 10 to 20 kWh/(m²a) (depending on climate), adding up to a low cost of 10 to 25 € per month. Therefore high energy prices are no longer a threat to Passive House occupants. continue reading

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For many, ecoskyscrapers are synonymous with Ken Yeang. In more than three decades of practice, Ken Yeang has almost single-handedly pioneered and developed this building genre.

continue reading

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Green State of Mind. When all is said and done, more is said than done

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In this week’s post I would like to continue my reflections on sustainability by asking where we actually stand ourselves in the face of climate change? How are we prepared to accept neccesary restrictions and unavoidable change?

Well, the majority of people still do very little. Yet this should not make them feel guilty because a real change in climate change is not about guilt and expiation. On the contrary, mistakes and errors are natural milestones in the search for new solutions, they show us what we have overlooked and what we could do better and more intelligently. continue reading

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Twixt Winds and Billows. Sustainability in the Built Environment

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“The storm is master. Man, as a ball, is tossed twixt winds and billows.”
Friedrich Schiller

The destruction of the natural bases for our lives and the consequences of this represents one of the greatest challenges for the 21st century. Given the fact that none of this is new, but has been debated for a long time, we have to wonder whether fresh disasters really are needed to cause a genuine change in our approach? Unfortunately history teaches us that human being really are not long-term planners, but respond almost exclusively to crises. continue reading

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play on plaid: music made out of solar energy

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Think to a Plaid in the middle of a field, a sunny day and some musical Nerds with their laptops that generate sweet electronic melodies: not a sound from a generator, no stinky fuel but only the sound of the music and the smell of just cut grass.

Play on Plaid is also the occasion to record tracks produced with solar energy and make out of them records with out being totally slaves of oil.

continue reading

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Re:Vision is a diverse group of people focused on changing the urban landscape by reimagining all the components that make up a city block. From energy to transportation to commerce to community, we believe that by finding innovative, healthy and sustainable ideas to help revitalize one urban block, we can create a blueprint for better cities everywhere.

Interesting innitiative…They have also a tv channel.

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experts on EUTV – new interviews

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will alsopricky burdett bill gethingcj limken yeangalejandro zaera

in a recent trip to london, i had the great pleasure to interview some of the city’s most relevant names in architecture and sustainability for our internet tv channel EUTV. you will soon be able to see these interviews on the web.

will alsopone of UK’s most prominent architects. founder of smc alsop, responsible for projects such as the sharp centre for design (canada) or peckham library and media centre (UK). he is also a recognised artist and has been a tutor of sculpture at central st martins college of art & design (london). continue reading