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zoomarchitecture: Wikibivouac

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Official website HERE, full description of the project THERE

The Wikibivouac is a collaborative map which reappropriates space to create new uses of the city. The wiki element of contibutions from anyone aggregates information for improved transient occupancy of place. We understand the value of a local resident’s recommendations and guidance – when this infomation is pooled and accessed a visitor attains a greater understanding of the true availability of resources and locations shown on a static map. continue reading

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The Day After Tomorrow. Envisioning Spaces of Uncertainity

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One of post-industrial humanity’s most persistent nightmare and favorite theme of science-fiction is the rebellion of technology. Robots turning on their masters and super-intelligent computers taking over control: Technology that bites back. In particular, men-made, technology-pervaded environments that slip our sovereignty and start a menacing life of their own. Just think of Charlie Chaplin being force-fed by a feeding machine in Modern Times,

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