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Online Workshops open to participants & Hamar Experience Session 2

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dreamhamar is Ecosistema Urbano’s latest project and besides collaboratively designing the new Stortorget square in Hamar, aims to generate the conditions for interaction and self-organization between people and their environment.

Two online workshops will allow anyone to be part of an international network of professionals and talented people. The aim is to develop and share ideas about the design of a public space: Stortorget Square in Hamar, Norway.

Registration is open and they will take place in October 2011:

online workshop directed by 
Andres Walliser | sociologist

online workshop directed by
Ethel Baraona Pohl and Paco Gonzalez | architects

On today’s Hamar Experience Belinda Tato (@belindatato) will talk about these online workshops and how network learning and network design can be applied to a specific case study. Also, architect Jaime Eizaguirre (@eiza) will share with us the story of Stortorget Square and other curiosities.

If you are a student, a designer or simply a creative and involved person, you have a date with Belinda Tato and Jaime Eizaguirre at 18:00 UTC+2 (Madrid, Norway Time). Get your questions ready!



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