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bring buddy | a new approach to goods transportation | #followresearch

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Last friday at the event rebel matters, directed by Manuel Gausa and Mosè Ricci that took place in the University of Genoa, I had the opportunity to meet Christian Schärmer, an austrian designer based in Barcelona from He made an interesting presentation talking about design thinking showing different samples of his own work and some other references.

I very much enjoyed the project bring buddy.  A project developed by students at the School of Design Thinking in Potsdam, in cooperation with the DHL Innovation Center. The challenge of the project is to enable transport and logistics of goods in future urban areas, where energy is expensive, CO2 emissions per capita are limited and access by car is restricted, while the need of transporting goods still rises (because of more individualized products, internet shopping etc.).

bring buddy is a social web of people who carry parcels and letters for other people in their area. The system behind bring. BUDDY analyzes the daily routes of its members and anonymously assigns parcels to people who can take them along. The parcels therefore find their ‘natural‘ ways through the city or to the next logistic hub, where they can be picked up by professional carriers.

bring.BUDDIES identify themselves via mobile phones when they pick up or drop a packet. If they want to participate they just turn on a bring.BUDDY-App on their cell phone. The altruistic idea behind bring.BUDDY is to enable people to help other people. But by carrying parcels bring.BUDDIES can also foster financial efficiencies: They collect points which then can be redeemed for other bring.BUDDY services, public transport tickets or products at bring.BUDDY partner stores. In order to make it more fun, bring.BUDDIES can start parcel carrying competitions on the platform and compete against other bring.BUDDIES.

For more info on the project in german or in english.

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