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We attach a picture of the workshops that are taking place in Gliwice (Silesia), organised by the association of architecture students in Poland. ecosistema urbano is taking part as the tutor of one of the work groups.
Silesia is a region located in the southwest of Poland where a number of cities have sprung around the numerous coal mines, with a total population of approximately 2 million people. Currently, most of the mines and heavy industry associated with them have been dismantled and abandoned.
These workshops are an opportunity for thinking about the future of the region, the development possibilities given by the huge industrial heritage and the options for organising the urban centres in the area to function as a single regional megalopolis in Silesia.

If you took part in the workshops, we want to hear your comments!!

ossa workshop

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Visit to Ecobulevar in Vallecas

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Some weeks ago Domenico had the pleasure to guide Luca Brunelli (from bogwog office) and his students in a visit to the Eco-Bulevar in Vallecas. We want to take this opportunity to say hello to Luca and the students of the course Proyectos 1, 1st semester, School of Architecture of the CEU-Cardenal Herrera Univresity (Moncada, Valencia). Here is a photo of the group…

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Conference at FUCOAM Carlos Teixeira and aaa

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Last week we had the pleasure to invite Carlos Teixeira and the French collective aaa to give a conference at Fundación COAM, Madrid. We presented the event urbanacción and opened the exhibition held at the COAM gallery.

Carlos Texeira (Belo Horizonte) graduate from Escola de Arquitetura/UFMG, Belo Horizonte y Master at the Architectural Association Graduate School, London. He is the author of “Under Construction: History of the Void” in BH (Cosac & Naify Ed., 1999). In 2004 he represented Brasilia at the Architecture Bienal in Venice. He obtained the 1st price for Young Architects 2004, from the Instituto de Arquitectos de Brasil, etc. He is founder and president of the NGO Architects Without Borders in Brazil. His work is focused on voids and residual spaces in the city.

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….bike lane… going into action!!

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We have received an email from Lara telling us how the project “a bike lane for Madrid” was followed by a large number of people in the last meeting in patio Maravillas, in Madrid city centre.
She tells us: “I am very happy for the warm welcoming the project has received in your blog, the comments, and the people who attended the meeting because they read about it on the day and wanted to find out what was going on…. The bike lane is going ahead, it is going into action.

Last Wednesday (24th October) two workshops took place in patio Maravillas:
Mobiliario alegal-Santiago Cirujeda
Plantillas carril bici-Patio Maravillas/BiciMad

Ps. I have just returned from Seville and have been positively impressed by the number of people who use the bike lane recently created there. It would be great if the same thing happened in Madrid!

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Sostenibilidad en Instalaciones Multimedia: Salas EsperArte

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Salas EsperArte, presenta la creación de artistas vídeo creadores, a través de las Salas de Espera en Instituciones en general y Clínicas relacionadas con la Salud y contribuye a la creación, divulgación y difusión de Vídeo Arte; marca un formato de Salas de Exposición enfocado a la divulgación y demostración de Vídeo Arte, abarcando la idea de sostenibilidad en instalaciones multimedia ya creadas en Instituciones en general y Clínicas de Salud. Se difunde a través de las Salas de
Espera, la creación de artistas video creadores.

La artista Ouka Leele cede una fotografía para el logotipo de Salas EsperArte.

Entre los artistas españoles participantes se encuentra Ouka Leele, Álvaro Collar, Paula Noya, Alejandro Viola, Anuik, Tania Ruz, Paz Tornero, Iury Leck, Iván del Rey de la Torre; los argentinos Ruben Grau y Osvaldo Brizuela; Italianos Nadia y Nayick Romero; Brasil con Juliana Cerqueira; Perú con Karen Bernedo y Laura Batticani Barrio; Brasil con Paula García; y Venezuela con Ionee entre otros, la lista es creciente debido al interes que ha despertado entre los vídeo cradores e Instituciones.

Salas EsperArte colabora a la difusión de los contenidos de la plataforma eutv un portal participativo sobre sostenibilidad desarrollado.

La primera instalación se encontrará en Clínicas Vissum de Madrid.

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Futuro perfecto – ingeniería y sostenibilidad

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Cruzamos el Canal de la Mancha para proponeros una conferencia sobre edificación y sostenibilidad en Londres, este jueves 18.

El RIBA (Real Instituto de Arquitectos Británicos) y el ICE (Instituto de Ingenieros Civiles británico) organizan conjuntamente una conferencia anual sobre temas de interés para ambas disciplinas. Este año nos presentan Future Perfect – an engineering agenda for sustainable society? en la que Mark Whitby, co-fundador de la ingeniería multidisciplinar Whitbybird, hablará sobre el impacto que la preocupación por el cambio climático y la sostenibilidad ha de tener en el diseño y construcción de edificios e infraestructura.

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Madrid Architecture Week – 29th Sept to 6th Oct – Map

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This week Madrid celebrates its Architecture Week. If you are in the city, have a look – there are talks, visits to outstanding buildings and conferences going on every day.

Jesús has told us about the interactive map showing this week’s activities he has created using google maps. It includes all the buildings open to visits, each with its credits, opening hours and telephone number for reservations where necessary. Here is the map.

Thank you Jesús for this useful tool!

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ecosistema urbano in Mexico

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We were invited to give the closing lecture at the event “Plataforma Universitaria de Arquitectura”, organised by Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad La Salle and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico. The lecture took place on Thursday 27th September, at 19.00. A closing ceremony followed at 21.00. We were delighted to invite all those interested to join us for a drink after the lecture – we know many Mexicans log on daily to our blog.