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….bike lane… going into action!!

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We have received an email from Lara telling us how the project “a bike lane for Madrid” was followed by a large number of people in the last meeting in patio Maravillas, in Madrid city centre.
She tells us: “I am very happy for the warm welcoming the project has received in your blog, the comments, and the people who attended the meeting because they read about it on the day and wanted to find out what was going on…. The bike lane is going ahead, it is going into action.

Last Wednesday (24th October) two workshops took place in patio Maravillas:
Mobiliario alegal-Santiago Cirujeda
Plantillas carril bici-Patio Maravillas/BiciMad

Ps. I have just returned from Seville and have been positively impressed by the number of people who use the bike lane recently created there. It would be great if the same thing happened in Madrid!

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