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Solving an intersection, the Dutch way | Where cars, bikes and pedestrians meet

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How can urban design solve the complex situation that takes place in street junctions where bikes, pedestrians and motorists have to cross and turn in different directions? This interesting video shows one of the typical Dutch solutions to this problem.

Could this be implemented everywhere? While other places are going for mixed use of the street (like Spanish ciclocalles) or even more radical solutions like shared space or even ‘naked streets’ without any signs or lights, cities in the Netherlands are known for making extensive use of segregated bike lanes, and that is the scenario where this kind of solution makes sense. There are also other types of intersections, like the roundabouts, which can solve the same problem in a different way.

It’s worth noting how helpful the video format  is for explaining this kind of dynamic issues in the city. I also recommend reading the discussions under the posts linked below; you will find interesting opinions and alternatives.

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Comments (3)

Just to be perfectly clear: this is a Dutch solution that is very commonly used in the Netherlands, a country that is sometimes wrongly refered to as ‘Holland’. It is not a Danish solution, you will not find this type of junction in Denmark.


You’re right, I was mixing countries here! Thanks for the correction, Mark :)

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