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fisheye sessions #12

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more office work on Fuencarral Special Plan… this time:

Glorieta de Quevedo. fisheye view from the gruond

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fisheye sessions #11

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Glorieta de Bilbao [Madrid]

-fisheye view from the ground-

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fisheye sessions #4

Category: ⚐ EN+architecture+sustainability+urbanism

[Ludic-Tree. EcoBoulevard, Vallecas]

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fisheye sessions #3

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hi there! to continue showing nice pictures from the work we are developing about Fuencarral urban axis…

[Sol square, Madrid]

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fisheye sessions #2

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this time I’ll show an unprecedented picture of Vallecas Eco-Boulevard, in particular a “media tree” top view

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fisheye sessions #1

Category: ⚐ EN+city+findings+research+urbanism

Hi! I’m going to start up a new thematic post series called “fisheye sessions” to show homemade views that can show other ways to interpret or analyze urban or suburban space.

In this case,  in relation to the work about Fuencarral axis that we are developing in the office, I shall show a fisheye view of the Gran Vía & Montera crossroads in Madrid.