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IAAC Special Scholarships to Spanish and Portuguese Architects

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Since its creation 10 years ago, the with alumni from over 30 different countries, has become the most international post-graduate architecture program offered in Barcelona. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, and reinforce the presence of the Institute in the Iberian Peninsula, IAAC has initiated a special Scholarship Program in order to foster a wider reach of our educational programs in the local architectural community.

Beginning the following academic year, 2011-12, IAAC will offer special scholarships for Spanish and Portuguese Architects, covering 50% of tuition fees. Enclosed you will find a poster for the scholarship program. The IAAC professional Masters in Advanced Architecture and Urbanism program is accredited by the UPC School of Professional & Executive Development and can be completed over one or two years.

IAAC is dedicated to the next generation of architectural development with students and researchers from around the world. This year the MAA program includes 60 students from 25 different countries. The official language of the Institute is English. continue reading