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Henan Haoshun Investment Management CO., LTD.

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Henan Haoshun Investment Management CO., LTD.

Due to the project ecosistema urbano has developed and built for Expo Shanghai 2010, we have made several trips to Shanghai and other Chinese cities exploring new possibilities of work and companies.

China is clearly a powerful economic engine and offers many opportunities for architects and engineers. Through these trips we have had some interesting contacts with various Chinese companies and institutions. However, there are also Chinese companies that want to take advantage of this situation, and are operating illegally offering potential projects to European architects who are willing to work and are enthusiastic about the idea of realizing projects in China.

In particular we want to warn you about a company located in the city of Zhengzhou, the Henan Haoshun Investment Management CO., LTD. We have met them twice last summer. The company offers the architects the possibility of signing a contract for the realization of a hypothetical project. We know several offices from different cities in Europe have been contacted to sign the same contract on the same project. This is a scam attempt.
These are the names of the staff responsible of the company: Jingan Wang (General Manager), Gao Ming (Vice General Manager), Jin Hongxiang (Vice General Manager) and Bin Xu (Vice General Manager). The contact person is called Jane.
We hope this information may come to those who believe that it is a formal and serious work offer. Please spread it among your contacts.