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Holographic Google Earth from Nicolas Loeillot on Vimeo.

La verdad no se si creermelo, seguramente es muy fascinante.

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Recomiendo ampliamente el número 16 de Volume. Tema: Engineering Society, basta leer la introducción para ver que los temas recurrentes actualmente en la mente de arquietctos, urbanistas, sociólogos son los mismos y es una buena oportunidad para cuestionarnos nuestra profesión:

“Our society seems to be locked into a position in which the user’s and voter’s choices determine how we shall live in the future. A disturbing collective urban life in a giant Big Brother House looms, a material and social world in which sensationalistic media and its commercial translation dominate. Our sense of what is real and what is quality is on the verge of collapse. The practice and education of the engineers of this society is determined by short-term effect instead of long-term social responsibility. Culture becomes little more than a market, politics its façade and the city its stage. Instead of reviving old school high modernist social engineering or claiming the need for an intellectual junta, we solicit new forms of social engineering. Where shall this lead? “

Os dejo el link, ya que se puede comprar on-line:

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