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ONLINE WORKSHOPS | introductory week with sociologist Andrés Walliser

CATEGORY: dreamhamar + educación + urban social design

dreamhamar online workshops are scheduled for the month of October, but this week we started with two introductory sessions, in order to test connections and technologies we are using (google+, livestream, dramhamar open blog and social network) and to introduce participants, methodology and contents of the online workshops.

Sociologist Andrés Walliser, director of PUBLIC SPACE AND PEOPLE is the coordinator of the following 2 sessions scheduled for this week:
Tuesday 13th of September, 6pm UTC+2 (Norway Time)
NETWORK DESIGN CONNECTION TEST with director Andrés Walliser
This was yesterday: check the video of the session below!

TODAY! | Wednesday 14th of September, 6pm UTC+2 (Norway Time)
INTRODUCTION TO THE WORKSHOP by director Andrés Walliser
See you at the digital LAB at 6PM (OPEN TO EVERYBODY)
Everybody is invited to participate to this session via the chat!

Just a quick remind for those who are interested in participating: registations for online workshops are still open until the end of september.
Don’t hesitate to for more info or just contact us!
See you at the digital LAB at 6PM

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