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Downsview Park Toronto: Frameworks as Design

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Downsview Park proposal by James Corner and Stan Allen

The Downsview Park Toronto competition was held in 1999 to select an urban park design for a former military base in Toronto. However, the competition exceeded its objectives as it introduced a turning point in the design of urban public parks. As Julia Czerniak points out in her book Case: Downsview Park Toronto, the five selected designs shared a common theme: the configuration of frameworks that structure the site but also allow the growth over time. Landscape becomes the main tool to model the city, and objects lose importance in favor of fields.

The design of frameworks consists in offering guidelines as an approach to designing the park during the fifteen-year implementation process. Thus, the designers recommend flexibility to accommodate the different programs and participatory processes included in the design process. The schemes were not only flexible in the programmatic sense, but they allowed different political and economic conditions, and even the paths to change depending on the vegetation growth, establishing diverse patterns over the surface. Complex processes such as erosion or plants succession were related to these frameworks too. continue reading

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Patricia Martin del Guayo | New blog contributor

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Patricia Martin del Guayo is an architect and PhD Candidate in Urbanism and Sustainability at the Architectural Association’s School in London as a Gobierno Vasco scholar. Her research interests focus on the relationship between urban design and environmental perception including issues of design, use, and experience of public open space. She has recently graduated from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University with a Master’s of Architecture in Urban Design. She previously obtained his Degree in Architecture from the ETSA San Sebastian (Spain), having studied as an Erasmus Scholar at TU-Wien, Austria. She worked as an architect in several offices across Europe collaborating in a variety of projects of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning, and currently maintains her own design practice.

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