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This year the URBACT Annual Conference will take place in Liege in Belgium, from Tuesday 30 November noon to Wednesday 1 December noon in Liege Conference Centre. The event will bring together URBACT partners and urban actors coming from all over Europe. Interactivity will be the keyword: each participant will have the opportunity to coproduce the conference outputs. The Conference will be introduced by Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner responsible for Regional Policy, Charles Picqué, Minister-President of the Brussels Capital-Region and Mercedes Caballero, Chairwoman of the URBACT Monitoring Committee.

All participants will discuss the urban challenges and innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions during the URBACT conference. Each interactive workshop will involve a panel of speakers and time will be equally divided: 50% for speakers – 50% for discussions with the participants. Fringe workshops will be organised by URBACT Projects themselves. continue reading