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STUDIECYKEL.DK | a social economic undertaker company to help students in Denmark and Africa

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As I am a student myself I thought it is important to not just talk about architecture and sustainability but also students, society in general and how we can make our world a better place and help others. See how small actions can do big difference to the world.

I will be going back to Denmark in august and it happens that I am in the situation of needing a bike. My old bike did not survive the last Danish winter and believe me when I tell you, that a student living in Copenhagen needs a bike to get around the city, to go the fast and easy way from home to the university and in my case it only takes 30 minutes by bike and not the 60 minutes by bus to get through the city…

Coincidentally I found this new social economic promoter company that aims to help students in both Denmark and Africa. So I hurried to apply for a free sponsored bike that they offer students in Denmark to get around in a healthy and sustainable way. They offer us students to get this new bike for a whole year and afterwards the bikes will be given to young people in Africa. aims to help poor young Africans to get an education and thus a better and brighter future. The focus of is building a green and sustainable business concept to show responsibility for the planet and its inhabitants. As I also see it, they show a new and very easy way to help us inhabitants of the developed countries to understand the needs and problems in troubled countries like Africa in a new and different way. The bikes will help to make the Africans´ everyday-life easier as they will get easier access to schools and water. This way they will survive the hard living conditions and will be able to educate themselves, understand what they need to do to help themselves and their country.

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With the big aim of helping Africans, is collecting a huge range of sponsors to first of all help giving away the free bikes to students in Denmark for a year. The undertaker company is founded in 2010 but already had the opportunity to get started fast through good sponsorships. This way the first found their way to the streets and new owners in Aalborg in May 2011. Only a month later they were able to give away over 50 Studiecykel-bikes sponsored from several different associations, universities, institutions etc to students in Aarhus.

As a student myself I am looking forward to hopefully be one of the chosen students in Copenhagen as Copenhagen and also Odense, two also very big university cities in Denmark, will be the next cities to be lucky. In the beginning of September 2011 will hand out bikes to students living here just when the new academic year begins. I will be looking forward to follow through facebook and their newsletter and am looking forward to follow the journey of the bikes that in the near future will be sent to the youth of Africa.

Join this new social sustainable and healthy movement to help society worldwide and follow it and others futuristic entrepreneurships yourselves.

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