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Quite often grand cultural events, as the Architecture Biennale is, cross the city of Venice in a such imposing manner, rarely interacting with what stays out of the exhibition path. This applies to the citizens (inhabitants, students, workers) and also to the professionals and the artists officially invited.

 One other fundamental problem is the volume of the “rubbish” that is constantly left behind every time the exhibition closes: as a matter of fact all the materials used for the installations and even the works conclude their onerous vital cycle fully representing the enviromental and economic intolerablility and definetely denote the scarce attention towards the active resources of the city.
It is from this reality that the idea of re-using those materials for a share project of regeneration was born: an extraordinary occasion to take care of the city as complex net of social, functional and spatial relations that can truly be conceived from those who live it, to explore it and study it, to work for it in order to transform the city itself in a building site of ideas and facts, to give that sense that state institutions cannot give, incapable of reading the real dynamics and invest politically in housing development.
The creativity of research and the hybridation of languages can though garantee the richness of the urban design and can certanly rediscover the importance of the common goods behind the built, exactly Commons Beyond Building.

Commons Beyond Building is a cooperative platform created by a net of associations to share methods, processes and competences linked to self-construction, “to describe what cannot be told by the architectural project and what the power doesn’t understand: the rise, from the bottom, of inhabit as practice of common living”.

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Commons BB Net:
ASC Agenzia Sociale per la Casa
Casilino 900 /Stalker-ON
Geologika collettiva
Exyzt (France)
2012ARCHITECTEN (Netherlands)
Collettivo SottoTetto
Famiglia Bresci

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