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Project for the terrace of La Casa Encendida, Madrid

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At the end of September, we were finalists in the competition called by the environment department at La Casa Encendida (Madrid) for the design of supports and contents for the exhibition “ciudades habitables” (habitable cities). We want to share our proposal. Here is the pdf we handed in and the concept behind it:


La Casa Encendida is, right now, an icon of modernity, a place for alternative proposals within the cultural horizon of Madrid. La Casa Encendida looks further and gives voice and space to collectives, minorities and cultural expressions that would otherwise be homeless in our city.
It is a reference for innovation and modernity, a pioneer in exhibitions and educational projects with top level cultural and didactic proposals accessible to a large audience.
Environment and sustainability are part of the ideology of La Casa Encendida: it is possible to inhabit the planet somehow differently, someway more fair, better balanced and more possible for all.
Generating a space for communicating, transferring and sharing these ideas is an experience without precedent in our city. The design of this space must become an icon of the exhibition projects. The conceptual reformation requires a physical reformation that stresses the eco-techno-logical character of the contents of the exhibition.

la terraza must be technological
la terraza must be innovative
la terraza must be open to external inputs
la terraza must be didactic
la terraza must be accessible physically and virtually
la terraza must be changing
la terraza must hold information and enable participation
la terraza must generate knowledge and facilitate knowledge exchange
la terraza must be connected in real time to different energy variables of the building and the city. It must show precise aspects related to energy consumption, generation, flow etc.

Our proposal, therefore, is to generate a spatial experience on the roof. This experience will be changing and will be a support to hold multiple contents and expressions.
On the other hand, the website of E la terraza will be a 2.0 site, promoting organisation and flow of information depending of the behaviour of the people that access it and welcoming, not only an easier and centralised access to the exhibition contents, but the very participation, both classifying and constructing the contents.
E la terraza is a meeting point, a catalyst where virtual networks for international sustainable production meet; where virtual communication can connect with a particular physical space.
E la terraza is a physical space and a web space, and the connexion between them.

download: [download#9]

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Comments (2)

con lo interesante que suena todo esto y ningun pdf se abre!
Damm it!

con lo interesante que suena todo esto y ningun pdf se abre!
Damm it!

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