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Pop-Up Landscapes and Wiki Urban Planning Workshop at HANGAR/Barcelona

CATEGORY: ⚐ EN + architecture + city + open culture + technologies + urbanism


Exploring New Visualisation Tools for Community Participation in the
Transformations of the Built Environment

Pop-Up Landscapes and Wiki Urban Planning Workshop
26-27-28 Feb 2009 – Hangar Barcelona

Thursday 26 & Friday 27 February 17h-21h
Saturday 28 10h-14h 16h-20h
Presentation : Saturday 28 20h30

Participation : 50 euros
Inscripciones :

Workshop leaders :
Teresa Dillon (IRE/UK)
lok Arquitectura (PT/ES)
Tuomo Tammenpää (FI).

Drawing on case studies taken from the Poble Nou neighborhood, participants will use visualization techniques developed as part of the Pop-Up Landscapes project and Wiki Planning to explore how mixed media techniques can be used to create a visual toolkit for citizen participation in urban planning.

Pop-Up Landscapes is a locative and interactive media installation and research project exploring the construction of landscape in relation to transformation, interdependency and survival. The project combines landscape photography and sensor technologies to create an interactive triptych composition within which direct, photographic impressions specific to different locations can be inputted. Developed by the Finnish architect Peter Tattersall, Wiki Planning is part of a wider attempt to consider what the implications of web 2.0 might be on architecture and planning, and whether or not social media (and phenomena arising from it) might be used to make urban planning more participative. Combining the visualization techniques employed in Pop-Up Landscapes, along with the Wiki Planning method, the participants will develop a series of visual maps and architectural sketches to be publicly presented at Hangar on Saturday 28th of February.

Teresa Dillon:
lok Arquitectura:
Tuomo Tammenpää:
Peter Tattersall:

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