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Juan Freire at Medialab Prado

CATEGORY: ⚐ EN + architecture + internet + technologies

It is difficult to summarise the interesting, fun and educational conference given by Juan Freire last week at Medialab Prado. Our attempt to do so comes in “tags” format:

Juan Freire talked about:

The tragedy of the common, the tragedy of the anti-common, sheep in Scotland, Sao Paulo without publicity, Burning Man VS Fallas de Valencia, Quartzsite Arizona, virtual reality VS physical reality, physical reality and hybrid reality, hybrid public spaces, knowledge chefs, knowledge like water or electricity, [ecosistema urbano] (thanks, Juan!), recetas urbanas, open code architecture, Sociopolis, information layer on the ground, hiper-local networks, google maps VS open street maps, real time rome, technology isn’t important – applications are.

I hope to get through the idea of the complexity and relevance of the topics covered at the conference (I want to thank our Domenico for getting us into this 2.0 world, without his help I probably wouldn’t understand much about some of these issues).

Thanks, Juan Freire, we hope to see you in Madrid again soon.

P.S. I have added links to as many concepts as I have been able to, to make this post into a hiperpost ; )

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