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REBEL MATTERS | ecosistema urbano in genova

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Next Friday 4th the International Seminar REBEL MATTERS I. SOUTH‐NETS will take place in the University of Genova.

Rebel Matters identifies a series of international seminars, promoted by ADD (Scuola di Dottoratoin Architettura e Design – Doctoral School for Architecture and Design) in collaboration with DSA (Dipartimento delle Scienze Architettoniche – Department of Architectural Sciences) and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Genoa. The idea is to convey a new architectural, urban and contemporary design approach based on complicity, innovation and relational involvement as a possible alternative both to iconographic marketing and show business, the disciplines traditional tools (formal, typological, commercial, etc).

Rebel Matters I. SOUTH‐NETS brings together a series of important contemporary vectors for strategic and sustainable approximation relative to Local‐Global and West‐Est horizons. The Seminar is directed by Manuel Gausa and Mosè Ricci. Different archtiecture practices from Spain, Italy and Croatia will participate: Ecosistema Urbano, Marta Malé, Willy Müller, Gumdesign, Goran Rako, Hrvoje Njiric, Studio UP, Sasa Randic, Pippo Ciorra, etc…

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